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How to Create Buzz for Your New Start-Up in NYC

Starting your own company is exciting no matter where you live, but if you happen to live in a big city such as NYC, it can prove a bit trickier to get noticed and get off the ground. The odds are high that you’ll be dealing with more competition and a larger market of people to reach. So how can you create buzz for your new start up in a big city like NYC? Here are some tips you can use.

How to Create Buzz for Your New Start-Up in NYC

Don’t Tackle it Alone

Rather than feel alone in the journey and take all that weight on your shoulders, it’s a good idea to ask for help right from the start. You’ll want to find an experienced NYC SEO company as soon as possible. Single Grain happens to be a very well-connected and experienced digital marketing company with offices in New York City. They can help you with all of your digital marketing plans, as well as with the implementation of the plans.

Where professionals can prove really helpful is that they have experience in what works, and what doesn’t. They understand that you want your company to get noticed quickly, and they know the way to go about it.

Get On Social Media

This one is probably pretty much a given. If you want to create buzz about anything nowadays, it’s being done through social media. Your new start-up is no different. Get on as many different social media networks as possible to talk about, promote, and display your goods and services. The most popular social media networks are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and of course YouTube.

Set up a Contest or Promotion

Another fabulous way to create buzz is to set up a contest or promotion that people can start to get excited about. Make sure the prize or takeaway is worth people’s time and interest. The goal is that they are so excited about it that they share the information with others, thereby getting your business trending.

Come Up with a Catchy Slogan

Any expert will tell you that a catchy slogan or marketing hook can do wonders in terms of getting your business noticed. It should be clear, concise, short, and represent what the company does, offers, or stands for. It could feature a reason you are unique, it could rhyme and be catchy, or maybe you highlight something innovative or new about your offering; there are all kinds of hooks you can use.

Bring on an Expert

If you can find an expert that will talk about your brand/services, and promote it, then this is another way you can create buzz. It can be an industry leader, an opinion leader, or someone with their own very large fan following.

Now They’re Talking

By using these techniques there’s a good chance it won’t be long before the buzz starts to happen and you start to see an increase in interest in your company. Just be sure you keep at it, even once you start to see the results, as consistency is also a key.

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