Summer Fashionista: 4 Styles You Have to Try This Year

The summer season has arrived in full force, and there are a few trends that you might want to try so that you blend in with the rest of the fashion world. You don’t have to clear out your entire closet in order to get a few staples in the way of tops, pants and skirts that will transform your look into one that is sophisticated and fun. Most items can be purchased online if you don’t want to leave home.

Summer Fashionista: 4 Styles You Have to Try This Year

Bright Colors

When you’re walking in the stores and on the sidewalks in town, you’ll see brighter colors. It will look like the 1980s are coming back into play as people will have on greens, blues, oranges and pinks. The brighter the better when it comes to everything from tops and bottoms to shoes. Bolder colors aren’t just for women as there are brighter shades for males as well.

Flower Power

Break out everything that you can find that has flowers on it, such as jackets, pants, and tops from companies like Simple Addiction. You can combine floral prints with solids. An example would be a long top with a pair of pants that are a color that would match a flower in the pattern. Flowers will be seen in various scales, such as small blossoms to larger prints that are bold in design. It’s best to just take the garden by the thorns and add a few fun pieces to your closet.

Mismatched Patterns

Don’t worry about whether your clothes match or not in the summer of 2017. The trend for the season is to simply wear what you want whether it goes together or doesn’t even look like it should be paired with something else. This is an eccentric trend that is staying on track with the 1980s looks that are coming back into style. Overalls with colorful tops and shoes and jeans with a trophy jacket are only a few examples of what you’ll see during the season.

Striped Expressions

Stock up on clothing that has stripes. You’ll see stripes on shirts, shoes, pants and dresses. Colorful stripes will be a trend, but you could even be the talk of your friends with simple stripes in black and white that are subtle in design.

Your closet could be full of boring clothing that is in simple colors, but that would mean that you aren’t up on the latest trends. Add a bit of color, floral prints and patterns to your closet if you want to stay updated on what others will be wearing in 2017 over the summer. If you pay attention, you might find that you’ll see a few designs that were popular when you were younger and that might still be in the home.

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