6 Amazing Dresses for Summer 2017

Summer 2017 is here, not just with summer dresses but with hot weather that some like and some don’t like. At Skechers we conducted some research on what kind of dresses would be great for wearing in summer 2017. Well most of the answers do depend on your personal style, and we would always recommend you to go with dresses that you feel like you like the most. But if you want to get inspired then read below for 6 amazing dresses you should wear for summer 2017:

6 Amazing Dresses for Summer 2017


If you are looking for a perfect mix of fashion and comfort then get yourself some colorful palazzos for this summer and mix them with funky tank tops, off-shoulder tops and tees to create a comfortable and fashionable look for yourself.

Tee-shirt Dress

If you are looking for a cute look that is also extremely comfortable then long tee-shirt type dresses should be the way to go for this summer. The dresses will be above your knees and will make you look extremely cute, hot, fashionable all the while keeping you extremely comfortable.

Off/No Shoulder Dresses/Tops

If you want a hot outfit for your night-out which is also comfortable then no shoulder dresses and tops will help you create the perfect summer party look. You could wear your dress during the day or at night if you’re going to a family event, a BBQ night or a fun night out with your girls. Who doesn’t love an off shoulder top? From wedding off-shoulder dresses to tops and dresses, anything summery with off-shoulders that looks good on you should be on your list of items you want for summer 2017.


When thinking about dresses, denim is probably not the first option that comes to mind. But if you have been surfing pinterest and follow fashion magazines then you must know how everyone is loving the denim for the summers. So, if you don’t want to wish in winters that you had a denim dress for the summer go and buy a denim dress because denim is hot in summer 2017.

Maxi Dress 

A maxi dress is not only extremely comfortable but it is also extremely fashionable. If you want to create a fashionable look this summer 2017, then you should invest in purchasing a maxi dress. Also, when you’re buying a maxi dress you can be sure that it will not only last during this summer but you could reuse later as well, because maxi dress is a forever fashion statement, and not just summer 2017 fashion statement.


A chiffon gown or a dress is something that you should have for any year round event not just for summers. If you are going to a party or a formal event you can just take out your beautiful gown and rock an amazing look.

Wear vibrant colors in the summers to enhance your look. Summers is the time when you can wear colorful clothes and rock fun looks with colorful accessories, so this summer take advantage of that the most.


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