All About The Laughs: 4 Gag Gifts Guaranteed To Be A Hit

Gag gifts are a lot of fun at parties, in Christmas stockings or for birthdays. There are practically countless choices for gag gifts, from the relatively innocent to the practical joke, and different people and groups are, of course, going to appreciate different items more than others. However, there are some gag gifts that have stood the test of time and are practically guaranteed to be hits.

All About The Laughs: 4 Gag Gifts Guaranteed To Be A Hit

1. Snuggie Or Generic Blanket With Sleeves

Snuggies have been the source of jokes for a while now, but the joke is really on us because Snuggies have been a wildly successful seller. Snuggies make great gag gifts because not only do they turn out to be pretty practical, but there are also a lot of different designs to choose from.

2. Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads come in all shapes, sizes and designs. They can be ideally suited for placement on a desk or on a car’s dashboard. They can be famous sports players, fictional characters or just something silly. Bobbleheads are nearly always guaranteed to be a hit because there are literally countless varieties, they can be placed just about anywhere and they continue to be appreciated for a long time if you get one someone really likes.

3. Silly T-Shirts

Silly T-shirts, like the ones at, make great gag gifts because they have a practical use – as regular clothing. Especially if the recipient finds the wording or image on the shirt funny, they will wear it in their everyday lives and share the amusement with others who take notice of the shirt. Like bobbleheads, there are all kinds of funny shirts, so whether your recipient is a Star Trek fan, a sports fan or likes terrible puns, there are silly T-shirts available for purchase they will appreciate.

4. Something Personally Funny

Traditional gag gifts are all well and good, but to really tickle the funny bone of your close friends or family, consider doing something a little more personal. A great example of this is a gag gift that relates to an inside joke between you and a friend, or a silly watermelon-themed gift your watermelon-loving mom will really enjoy. The options for this are literally endless, from duck head salt and pepper shakers to a coconut. Whatever has been a joke amongst you and your family for a while, get them something silly to celebrate it.

It’s understandable why gag gifts have become a tradition in our culture. They’re often very different from what people normally receive as gifts and serve up quite a few laughs when they’re opened. Friends and family will appreciate a little silliness every now and again, so definitely look into getting them any of the time-honored gag gifts mentioned above.

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