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The Best Hairstyles for Summer 2017

As we finally enter summer, you might be thinking about a change of hairstyle. Summer is a great time to update your style and try something new, but the hot weather and humid conditions can make looking after your hair difficult. Here are the best, easy to manage hairstyles to try this summer.

The Best Hairstyles for Summer 2017


Braids are always popular in the summer months, especially when we are on vacation. Braids keep your hair safely out of the way while you’re having fun on the beach or in the sea. They also help to protect it from damage and breakage. However, in 2017 braids are also going to be incredibly popular for more formal occasions. Crown or milkmaid braids can add a boho chic to any outfit.

Mini braids

Mini braids are something many of us left behind with childhood. However, the odd baby braid in long hair can add a little detail and focus without too much effort. Place one towards the front and tie with a colorful band for the best effect. If you want to take the boho look further, add a headband across your forehead.


Straight hair seems to have been everywhere for the last few years, but curls are finally making a comeback. The catwalk and red carpets have seen everything from 80’s style perms to casual beach waves and everything in the middle. Adding a few curls with your Vibrastrait brocato irons is a simple way to achieve stylish and fashionable curls.

Super Straight

While curls are making a comeback, the exact opposite is also very trendy. Super straight, sleek hair, also known as ‘Cher hair’, is easy to achieve with a little hair spray and some hair irons. It lasts all day and won’t damage your hair. This style works best on very long hair but can also look good on a chin length bob.


Choosing to have all your locks chopped off can be absolutely terrifying. However, a short crop or pixie cut can look exceptionally cool. Taking the plunge and going for a short haircut can add focus to your face, show off your jawline and make a bold statement. Many people worry that once their hair is short they won’t be able to do anything with it. But, you can still add volume, waves, Dutch braids, and accessories.

Choppy Bob

The short, chin length bob was incredibly fashionable last year. Many of these bobs have now reached shoulder length and gotten tired and dull. This has led to a huge rise in the choppy bob. Getting a few layers added as well as some gentle shape around your face can quickly update an old hairstyle for summer.

Whichever styles you are tempted to try it’s important to look after your hair as much as possible. Do this by using a gentle shampoo and conditioner, avoiding brushing when wet, booking in for regular trims, using a heat defense spray, and investing in quality equipment such as straighteners.

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