Breaking Up: Ways to Tell If Saying Goodbye Was a Big Mistake

Breaking up is hard to do but what if it was a downright mistake? There are ways to tell. Don’t be stuck with a decision that you regret. Deconstruct the situation and determine whether you need to take future steps. At first, all people experience the pangs of loss. But those who made a mistake need to take a different course of action.

Breaking Up: Ways to Tell If Saying Goodbye Was a Big Mistake

The Person Vs The Ideal

All people want love but not all people are a match for one another. Therefore, it’s easy to confuse being in love with a person with the thought of being in love. You may project ideals of your perfect mate onto your current one, similar to placing a person ‘on a pedestal.’ You’re not seeing them for who they are but you’re more engrossed with the thought of having a mate. On the other hand, if you know they are irreplaceable or host virtues that you want in a mate, get back with them.

They Completed You

Some cry at cheesy lines from old romance movies and others actually understand the words. Do you feel like they completed you in a way that no other person has or could? The idea of having one soulmate is incredible but not very practical. It’s likely that you can live a happy life with a variety of people. What’s most important is that it feels right. If you feel incomplete without that person then let them know it.

You Miss Their Flaws

People have flaws. Most times, flaws are the reason we can’t stand to be around others. However, the flaws of those we love can be cute and even downright endearing. If you find that you miss how your ex chewed with their mouth open or never kept a clean room for longer than a day, you probably need them back in your life. Missing faults is a sign that they got under your skin – permanently. You miss them but should you contact them back right away? Read the Text Your Ex Back Review.

You Want to Inspire Emotion

Those who have moved on don’t care. It’s not that you can’t be friends with an ex. But you shouldn’t care too much that they’re dating others. However, if you find it that you’re going out of your way to make him or her jealous, you still have feelings. For example, it’s inconsiderate to talk about a new love interest with an ex you just broke up with… unless you’re trying to make them jealous. If so, you need to ask yourself why you’re doing it.

They Take the Cake

You’ve talked to some other love interests and even had a couple dates, but you can’t help compare new potential to what you had. And it seems that everyone falls short of the past. If you find that you put a boyfriend or girlfriend in your rearview but everything coming up pales in comparison, turn around and head back the other way!

Moments Don’t Feel as Special

Dull moments are brighter and special moments even better when those we love are with us. If you feel like something is missing despite eating foods you love and going to places you enjoy, you may have made a mistake. For those in love, their mate is the spark that touches all. If things no longer feel special, it’s because you need your special person back.

It Was the Best Sex You’ve Had

Just because you think a certain celebrity is ‘hot’ does not mean you’ll have chemistry with them. Conversely, there are those that may seem ‘normal’ to others who unleash an animalistic urge in you. Some people have great chemistry and have sex of the same magnitude. If you find that you can’t replicate such a connection despite physical and intellectual attraction to others, saying goodbye to your ex was a mistake.

You’ve Grown Emotionally and Now Realize

Some grow for varying reasons and at different times. It could be that a serious relationship was too much for you to handle as a high school student but as a college student, it’s something you’ve learned to really appreciate. In other cases, maybe the thought of marriage frightened you in your early twenties, but as you approach your early thirties, it’s something you know you really want. Perhaps it just hits you one day; you know you need to be back with your ex. If time has passed and you have a strong feeling of intuition or feel compelled to rekindle the flame, act now.

Charice Chen is a dating/relationship blogger who specializes in reuniting couples and mending broken relationships. Her advice is all based on her own personal experiences along with helping many women turn their love lives around, from all corners of the world. Charice offers profound, unique and counter-intuitive methods to transform relationships. Her writings and free tips/advice can be found at

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