Hair Extensions – Why You’ll Never Go Back Once You’ve Tried Them!

Hair extensions are not a new trend, but there are still a lot of people who haven’t tried them, often because they think it will be difficult to get a realistic look with them if they are not very experienced at styling their own hair. In reality, almost everyone finds that clip in or tape in hair extensions are incredibly simple to use, and if you use good quality real hair that is a good match for your own color, you can get a convincing look in minutes. This even applies if you are typically someone who leaves their hair down and doesn’t really do any more than just brushing it by way of styling!

Hair Extensions – Why You'll Never Go Back Once You've Tried Them!

Endless Possibilities

The beauty of hair extensions is the possibilities they offer you, allowing you to achieve looks that you may never be able to get with your own hair, or which would take years of growing out your hair and taking the best care of it. You can also experiment with new looks, like colored streaks, without having to bleach and dye sections of your hair or committing to the color for longer than you would like.

If you have always dreamed of waist length hair, but your own doesn’t seem to grow longer than your shoulders, hair extensions can allow you to get the look you have always wanted whenever you like. If you want long hair without the hassle of worrying about split ends and hair treatments, you can keep your real hair mid length and practical and simply add extensions when you want to glam up. Always wanted thick, bouncy curls, but when you curl your own hair it ends up looking far shorter? Curly extensions solve the problem. You can also use pre-dyed extensions to try out trends like ombre hair without a trip to the salon, or worrying about messing up this more complicated dye process at home.

Why You Should Always Choose Real Hair

Synthetic hair extensions are available, but these tend to look a bit unnatural. It can be fine for something like a Halloween costume where you don’t necessarily mind people knowing it’s not your real hair, but synthetic hair tends to have a slightly fake look to it, and feels unnatural to touch and brush, too – kind of like when you brush the hair on a Barbie doll or a My Little Pony!

With synthetic hair, you also can’t really style your extensions, which means you are limited to the style they are sold with. Some people like cheap synthetic extensions for things like clip in ponytails, where you will still have your real hair next to your face, and these can be a nice way to have a few different instant hairstyle options, but for clip in styles or wefts, you really are better off investing in real hair so you can curl it, straighten it, wash it and even dye it how you want it.

Tips For Choosing Your Hair Extensions

If you are now convinced that using extensions could add whole new dimensions to your hair looks, then you probably want to get started! Hair extensions don’t have to be expensive, and you can find some great deals online, once you know what you are looking for. As discussed, in most cases you are going to want real hair, but there are a few more things to consider:

  • How do you want to attach your extensions? If you are new to wearing them, clip-in or tape in extensions are generally the easiest to get to grips with.
  • Try and get the closest match to your current hair color. While you can dye real hair extensions, getting the truest match you can to begin with is far easier. If you have an unusual hair color you may want to consider custom extensions, which some companies will make for you.
  • If you do plan to dye your extensions an unusual color, buy the lightest ones you can, as unnatural colors come out best on white blonde hair.
  • Buy enough pieces for the look you want. Hair extensions are sold in pieces for different parts of the head, and take the advice of the manufacturer when it comes to what you need for a full head. If you simply want to use extensions to add colored streaks, you will only need a couple of very small pieces designed for that purpose.

So, there you have it, all the reasons you need to start experimenting with beautiful new hair looks using extensions!

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