For Your Favorite Fashionista: Great Gift Ideas She’ll Actually Wear

We all have a special gal in our lives—you know, one who is always up on the latest styles, rocking the newest trends with confidence and ease. And while we can always count on her to bring her A-game to the next party or dispense some magazine-worthy fashion tips—your favorite fashionista is a real pain to shop for when those yearly gift-giving occasions roll around.

For Your Favorite Fashionista: Great Gift Ideas She'll Actually Wear

So, here’s to the friends who have everything—gift ideas for the pickiest person on your list:

Something Handmade

When it comes to trying to find something that the chronic shopper doesn’t have, shopping small may be a good solution. Not only are you supporting local or independent designers—a one-of-a-kind item provides both the cool factor, as well as the security in knowing, well, no one has this piece.

Whether it’s a knit scarf that’ll keep her warm in the winter, or a pendant guaranteed to go with everything from a plain white tee to that wear-once party dress—check out Etsy or a local boutique for some cool ideas.

Stylish Shades

We’re not talking the basic black sunnies worn all year round—we’re talking something bold and stylish and a little trendy.  Go all out—and get your fashion girlfriend some movie-star inspired shades, some colorful aviators or something a little unexpected. Every great outfit needs a great finish, after all.

Boot Socks

It’s safe to say that any fashionista worth her salt has a solid boot game. And rather than let her walk around with mismatched socks hidden beneath the boot, get her something she’ll be proud to show off—boot cuffs, like these ones from BCS Boutique, add some warmth to any short skirt-centric outfit, as well as a pop of color to a monochrome outfit.

The Latest Makeup Trends

This one’s a safe bet—few fashion lovers will scoff at a new makeup palette featuring a strong showing of classic neutrals or a new going out range of colors she may not already have.

Or, get on-trend—think bold lip kits in colors like gray or purple for the younger set—or get her a set of highlighters guaranteed to make glowing skin pop.

Colorful Tech Accessories

She might have everything when it comes to what’s in her closet, but chances are, she doesn’t upgrade her tech accessories as often as her collection of barely worn jeans. Splurging on a pair of headphones in her favorite shade is guaranteed to make your fashionista bud smile.

Or, get her an iPhone case that matches her latest “it” bag.

Remember to Keep Things Fun and Thoughtful

Look, it’s the thought that count, right? Well, maybe—but chances are, your fashionista friend keeps you around for more than your keen shopping skills. While you and always play it safe by getting your friend a gift card to her favorite store, there’s something special about opening a gift that someone hand-picked just for you. Try to have fun while you shop, and don’t worry about trying too hard to impress.


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