The Top 4 Practical Yet Beautiful Watches for Nurses

There is no such thing as one watch for every occasion. Choosing a watch is now more of an art. There are more options to choose from too, despite the fact that people rely on their smartphones more to tell time. There’s something about a classic watch that makes them essential to haute living.

The Top 4 Practical Yet Beautiful Watches for Nurses

In this article, however, we are going to focus more on utility. In many professions such as nursing, you can’t always wear a fashion watch. That is why we’re taking a look at the top four practical yet beautiful watches for nurses, and those in similar professions.

The Seiko Core

The Seiko Core is a line of watches from Seiko that is designed to be very utilitarian. Similar to the Seiko 5, Seiko Core watches feature a series of signature styles that appear on all iterations. The Core’s primary values are a simple design, beautiful accents, date display, high-quality quartz movement, and maximum durability. Like the best doctor of nurse practitioner programs, you can never go wrong with Seiko Core.

The one you will find interesting is the Seiko Core SXDG37. It is the perfect first watch to own, making it a superb present for yourself for starting a career in nursing. It comes in black with accents made from Swarovski crystals. It also uses Seiko’s signature Hardlex crystal for extra durability.

Timex Expansion Band Watch

The Timex Expansion Band Watch is the most affordable watch on our list, but it looks as beautiful as other options we have. In fact, the Timex Expansion Band Watch is a bargain for the features it offers.

You get high-quality quartz movement with a simple analog display, Indiglo backlight, and expandable band. The latter is what makes this watch so iconic. You don’t have to worry about buckles or leather straps because you can always slip the Timex on and off of your wrist in an instant.

Calvin Klein Enlace

If you want to add a bit more style to your appearance, the Calvin Klein Enlace is a gorgeous option to consider. The watch is designed to be flattering with its minimalist design and three diamond hour markers. It is one of the best watches you can get from the brand.

The Calvin Klein Enlace is also available in several colors. You can opt for the silver or gold finish as well as black, white, or gold watch face. All of them are equally gorgeous.

Coach Women’s Maddy Watch

The last timepiece on our list is the Coach Maddy Watch. It is a simple yet beautiful wristwatch that lets you have fun. The watch features a center dial with Coach’s logo pattern, simple markings, and a beautifully-done bezel.

At the same time, the Maddy also features a colorful strap. While the watch is also available with stainless-steel bracelets, the red calfskin leather strap is just too good to miss. That extra flare makes this watch perfect for those who are juggling work as a nurse and the pursuit of a nurse practitioner doctorate degree from top names such as Rutgers College.

These are practical watches you can choose from if you need a watch that will accompany you through your day as a nurse. They are durable and functional while still very beautiful at the same time.

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