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It’s Down to You: Top Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Body Throughout Your Life

Many pursue success throughout life, yet good health is priceless and influences all you do. Some wait until weight gain, diabetes, or other illnesses to inspire them to better health choices. Others make being healthy a lifestyle versus reacting due to necessity. Here, you’ll find top tips to maintain a healthy body throughout life.

It's Down to You: Top Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Body Throughout Your Life

Pay Greater Attention to the Food Pyramid

We are what we eat. Some are savvy about foods, portions, and nutrition. Others need help in selecting the right foods and in sizing portions. The food pyramid serves as a guide, instructing us to consume six to eight servings of grains and breads, three to five servings of vegetables, two to four servings of fruit, two to three servings of meat and beans, and to sparingly eat sugars or desserts. Some use the pyramid as a loose guide while others meticulously follow to ensure good health throughout the week and life.

Choose a Few Forms of Physical Activity

Some have a closed mind when it comes to physical fitness, imagining that going to the gym and lifting weights is the only way to better health. However, exercise can take the form of running, weight lifting, surfing, walking the dog, etc. Yes, some forms of exercise are more intense and better suited for those in better shape, yet that should not make a person shy from starting slow and steadily gaining better strength, flexibility, cardiovascular ability, etc. Choose a few forms of exercise and stick to it. Don’t expect too much from yourself at first. You don’t want exercise to seem like a punishment. Choose activities that you enjoy so you’re more likely to stay with it throughout your life.

It's Down to You: Top Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Body Throughout Your Life

Work On Your Attitude

As mentioned, some people react and adopt a fit lifestyle because it was directed by a doctor or they want to lose weight. Others hate exercise but like the idea of having a great body and the attention that goes along with it. Yet, both of those mindsets are a bit off. Being healthy is a way of life. It’s not a reaction and it’s certainly should not feel like a punishment. It’s important to focus on your attitude. The right mindset helps people stay disciplined. If feeling great is not enough reason to be in great health, consider things like growing old with your mate, having energy to play with your kids and grandkids, and being strong and healthy enough to maintain your independence well into your elder years.

Get a Professional Check Up

Some may adopt a healthy lifestyle, yet it’s important to visit doctors and specialists. A general check ensures things like blood pressure, hearing, and sight are good. It’s also an opportunity to speak with one who is educated about good health and allows you to ask questions and get suggestions about daily routines and overall health. Don’t wait to get a check up. It’s easy to use online resources and make an appointment for the near future.

Stay Away from Harmful Foods and Substances

Donuts are tasty and alcohol may temporarily make you forget your worries. But both indulgences have a negative effect too. Too many sweets leads to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Alcohol can lead to dependency, soured relationships, and trouble at work or at home. While some have the discipline to eat junk foods and consume alcohol sparingly, it’s best to stay away from things that harm your body – despite the immediate gratification or feelings of wellness. If you have trouble quitting harmful substances or have a family history of drug or alcohol abuse, don’t hesitate to do your own research and consult the help of a certified professional.

Get More and Better Sleep

Sleep is vital to good health. In modern times, it’s easy to lose sleep due to working more hours, stressing about money, taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, doing chores, etc. However, it’s easy for health to slip away when one is deprived of sleep. Aside from the eight hours of necessary winks, take survey of your bedroom, mattress, and sleeping patterns. A great mattress and pillow make a huge difference in the quality of rest, as well as the temperature of your bedroom and how much light, gets in. Some take naps during the day to feel energized, yet a good night’s sleep along with a great diet will provide you with more than enough energy throughout the day.

Kian Green is a fitness and wellness coach whose aim is to get everyone out of their chair and outdoors at least once a day!

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