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5 Tips That Will Lower the Cost of Your Wedding Video

Wedding videography is a great idea and it is increasing in popularity every day. Many couples now prefer to hire both a photographer and a videographer for their wedding because videos tend to be long-lasting and capture more details of the event. With videos, it is easy for couples to want everything captured and this may make the service very expensive. Here are some tips that will help you stick to your set budget but still get high-quality videos.

5 Tips That Will Lower the Cost of Your Wedding Video

  1. Opt for a basic package

Just like photography, videographers will also have different packages to suit their clients’ needs. This ensures that they cater for the needs and budgets of customers from all walks of life. Instead of opting for every special effect and additional editing, you can choose the basic package as it is cheaper. This will give you a preview of your wedding day without additional videography editing effects.

  1. Video length

You should settle for the right video length to save on cash. Some couples can opt for an hour-long film which gives details of everything that happened during the event. You can also opt for a budget-friendly film that captures all the crucial elements of your wedding. You should view samples of both the long and short video edits from the photographer to determine what suits your pockets best.

  1. Concentrate on the ceremony

The ceremony is the most important part of the wedding day. This is where couples make lifelong promises to love each other. This is when dads and moms will get teary eyed when giving their daughter away and when couples will share their first kiss. You can ask your videographer to take a shot of your ceremony only, save you money and give you amazing wedding videography Hawaii trusts.

  1. Avoid videographers who charge per hour

Working with a videographer who charges on an hourly basis can be very expensive. This is because your wedding may be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances and you will have to pay for those lost hours. Some videographers may even leave, leaving you with no one to cover the wedding. It is best to go for someone who charges per ceremony as this will be much cheaper in the end.

  1. Edit the video yourself

Post production costs are what increase the budget of the wedding films. If you are a tech-savvy couple, then you can get the raw video and do the editing on your own. There are programs like iMovie that can help you edit your raw video and give you a good product in the end. There are countless online courses that you can also use to learn how to edit your videos and add those special effects and songs that you want.

Having a great video at an affordable cost is a great thing for most couples. This is because they have to budget for everything and it is important to cut costs on some things. You can get great deals from videographers if you attend wedding fairs. Most professionals will offer price cuts or discounts to couples and this can help you save money.

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Vincent Johan is a renowned videographer who has covered countless weddings. He is known for producing amazing wedding videography Hawaii residents love. You can follow him on social media or check out his website to get a quote.

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