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Secrets Why the Incredible Naturopathy Is Better Than Modern Medicine

Naturopathic doctors make use of the wisdom of nature and conventional medicine to treat diseases. Naturopathic medicine focuses on holistic, proactive prevention and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. Naturopathic doctors invoke the body’s own ability to manage its health. It is their role to identify and remove barriers to good health by helping to create a healing environment.

Secrets Why the Incredible Naturopathy Is Better Than Modern Medicine

Naturopathic medicine features extensive consultation to determine history, diet, stress levels and other indulgences to find the best way to treat you. Diagnostic tests and examination tests may be done as per the requests of the doctor.

Naturopathic methods are constantly evolving in tandem with new developments in science and research and keep their methods of treatment up to date as is the case with conventional medicine. The treatment plans formulated by physicians are not standard to every patient; you get a treatment plan that is customized to you.

In cases where the doctor cannot come up with a proper prognosis, you will be referred to a specialist doctor in/out of naturopathic medicine. The original paths have a large base of treatment options available to them; this includes herbal medicine, supplements, fasting, and nutrition training.

A critical emphasis is placed on healing concerning the environment. More often than not, naturopathic treatment is used as a paradigm when conventional medicine is ineffective. Lifestyle and holistic methods to treat the body will be applied to see if the ailments can be healed.

Being a natural form of treatment, it involves simple methods of treatment. This has led to some of the processes being imitated by unqualified practitioners, hence there is always that fear of quacks in the practice not following the principles. There is also the push from some practitioners in conventional medicine that naturopathy should not be licensed. It is due to this that the principles of naturopathy should be understood.

Naturopathy works by these principles:

  • Vis MedicatrixNaturae (The Healing Power of Nature)
  • Primum Non-Nocere (Do No Harm)
  • Tolle Totem (Treat the Whole Person)
  • Praevenire (Prevention Better than Cure)

Vis MedicatrixNaturae (The Healing Power of Nature)

Naturopathic physicians believe that the body has an innate ability to restore and maintain health. The doctor’s major function is to invoke these processes to work by using natural therapies with no side effects.

Primum Non-Nocere (Do No Harm) 

Naturopathic treatments are simple and safe. They are modulated so that no side effects or other health complications arise from them. Their main goal is to identify the cause of the condition and see beyond the symptoms of the ailment.

Tolle Totem (Treat the Whole Person)

The holistic therapies are meant for an all-around healing. Naturopathy embraces the knowledge that healing has to come from within. Therapies are therefore formulated to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Praevenire (Prevention Better than Cure)

Naturopathic doctors base their practice on helping you lead a healthy life to prevent disease. Unlike conventional medicine, naturopathy has its focus on building immunity by leading a healthy lifestyle. This approach is especially useful in preventing lifestyle diseases.

Another practice in the naturopathic medicine rule book is the doctor as a teacher, where the doctors are supposed to make sure the patients know the impact of life choices on their health.

True health advocates for naturopathic medicine as a general practice field and as a complement to contemporary medicine. It fuses historical methods of treatment and modern methods to create a perfect substitute to the incompetency of modern medicine.

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