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Testing the Limits: How to Overcome Tedious City Driving

Do you spend hours every week sitting in never-ending city traffic? Are you stressed out, nervous, and prone to road rage while behind the wheel? Then this guide is for you! Sit back, relax, and prepare to smooth out that long, tedious commute.

Testing the Limits: How to Overcome Tedious City Driving

Be Prepared

Before you grab your keys and head out the door, are you preparing yourself for the daily grind? Ensure you are getting plenty of sleep and enjoying a hearty breakfast, and try to keep your morning routine as stress-free as possible. Make your lunch and prepare your work attire the night before to keep the pre-commute routine running smoothly. This will help set the tone for the time you are about to spend on the road. Try not to leave the house feeling rushed or annoyed.

Avoid Distractions

It is of vital importance you continue to set yourself up for a successful commute by removing as many distractions as possible. Turn your phone off or to silent, as those emails and text messages can wait until you reach your destination. The biggest damper to your commute will no longer be the traffic if you find yourself involved in a fender bender or worse! Set your radio to your favorite music channel to help keep the tension down, or download a podcast or audio book ahead of time and listen throughout the commute. You’ll be amazed how quickly your normally difficult drive will go by when you have positive input to help pass the time.

Stay Focused

It is not uncommon for anyone sitting in traffic to start focusing on the wrong things, allowing negativity to creep into your thoughts and driving behavior. Did that guy really just cut you off? Why is that driver tailgating you? Perhaps he didn’t see you or is just late for a meeting. Try slowing down to let him in, or moving over and letting him pass, no harm, and no stress. Remember, you are focused on getting to your destination in one piece, and you are not going to allow another driver to get you off task.

By the time you arrive at your destination, you’ve rocked out to your favorite tunes, caught up on your favorite podcast, or heard a few exciting chapters of the latest bestseller. You’re as calm and cool and ready for your day.

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