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Heroic Household: 5 Modern Trends to Transform Your Home

Trends related to new home construction or home updating renovation projects focus on creating a home that meets your lifestyle needs. Some traditional rooms are disappearing from the layout of a home while other rooms are experiencing an amazing transformation that increases the room’s functionality.

Heroic Household: 5 Modern Trends to Transform Your Home

Storage Walls

Open floor plans continue to be a popular choice for today’s homeowners. To create a greater sense of openness, storage walls are an emerging trend. Storage walls have a smooth, sleek front that add elegance and sophistication to a room. Storage walls provide abundant storage space and create an undisrupted visual flow within a room.

The Absence of a Dining Room

If you’re planning to build a home or renovate your home, you might want to omit a formal dining room from your plan. Formal dining rooms are seldom used and homeowners are finding a better use for that space. Kitchens are expanding so that they include islands that accommodate the family at mealtime. Breakfast nooks are also become a trendy update. Another popular trend is to transform the seldom-used dining room into an office or a tech-free zone for the family to enjoy.

Trendy Roofing Options

One emerging roofing trend is the switch from dark colored roofs to lighter colored roofs. The difference is subtle yet impactful enough to make a big difference in the appearance of our home. An eco-friendly roofing trend involves the use of solar panels. Another energy-saving roofing option that’s emerging is the use of “cool tiles” which can help reduce your energy cost in the summer months. Working with a professional like Arcadia Roofing or a similar company can help you ensure that you get something that is classy and suits your needs.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are being increased in size and designed so that they offer maximum functionality. Custom cabinets are being included in laundry rooms to make them a more personalized and efficient space. Laundry rooms now include areas for pet beds, pet bathing, a reading nook and various other specialty spaces. They are designed to provide maximum storage space and superb efficiency.

Trendy Bathroom Design

Comfort is a key element in trendy bathroom designs. Comfort-height toilets are a popular feature. Floating vanities placed at a comfortable level are also a key element in today’s bathroom design. Heated floors are appearing in more bathroom designs. Towel warmers are an inexpensive addition to a bathroom, yet they significantly elevate the sense of luxury in the room. Luxury vinyl tile is becoming a popular flooring choice for bathrooms. It is durable, affordable and aesthetically appealing.

When building a home or renovating your current home, the materials you select and the design layout you choose should be accommodating to your lifestyle. It’s also good to consider future changes that could occur, such as an increase in family size, when designing your home. Keep in mind that not every trend will endure over time and the comfort level and functionality of your home is what matters most.

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