Just What I Always Wanted: The Art of Gift-Giving by Personality Type

Gift giving isn’t easy. It’s a honed craft for those who confidently buy presents for others and eventually see a smile on the recipient’s face. How do they do it? Some purchase gifts according to the receiver’s personality. Can you learn the art of gift giving to provide just what they always wanted?

Just What I Always Wanted: The Art of Gift-Giving by Personality Type

The Dependable One

The dependable friend is the one who stays sober, who can be relied upon for a ride to the airport, and won’t be late if they gave their word. They play by the rules and are like superheroes in thirty-something clothing. They deserve a gift that’s just as dependable. So they are never unsure about their ability to get out of their seatbelt or window in the event of an accident, get them an auto emergency gadget.


Some are born leaders (or at least like to give orders). These friends own their own businesses, have an opinion about everything, and are never wrong. They have a knack for being successful at their own game and prefer if everyone was playing on their terms. Why not present them with a subscription to an online day-trading forum? If they’re the type of person who is right all the time, they’ll have no trouble predicting how stocks will rise and fall.

The Pet Owner

Most people love animals but not all love anything as much as your friend loves their furry companion. They take their dog surfing, the cat goes on walks to the park, and the whole furry family sleeps in the same human bed every night. Allow such friends to feature furry creatures on their t shirt. Learn more at www.geckoshirts.com/animal-tees/cats-t-shirts.html.

The Humanitarian

Some feel a strong urge to save the world. While mostly silent and avoider of large crowds, such are deep thinkers and speak out when something threatens their ideals or the livelihood of others. Such deserve to know you understand them and their selfless ways. That’s why it would be better to give to a charity in their name versus presenting such a person with a material gift.

The Star

There’s a star in every group, the person who’s not afraid to be on camera or have their voice heard. The world is not big enough for their personality and every person is going to look their way. Stars need to perform and they can do that with their very own karaoke machine. If you think the machine won’t get much use, take them out with friends to a karaoke bar for dinner, drinks, and duets.

The Artist

Some friends have huge ideals and prefer to channel them into writing, paintings, sculptures, or orations. The artist acts as a medium and loves to express ideas in a three-dimensional way whether acting on a stage or belting out a ditty during dinner. Such people appreciate those who can respect the arts. Take your artsy friend to a painting class, opening to a musical or play, or sit next to them during a poetry reading. They will appreciate you for appreciating the arts.

The Thinker

The thinker loves puzzles and doesn’t blindly accept things as they appear. They believe there is more to be understood beneath the surface and can’t help but wrap their heads around complex problems as if they’re always unraveling a Rubik’s cube in their minds. It can be inspiring to downright exhausting to listen to them speak aloud. Such friends would love the chance at flexing their brain muscles inside an escape room.

The Protector

The protector likes to ensure their family and friends are well taken care of. They can’t help but be a nurturer who likes inviting people over to their house for food and entertainment. They may not be the one doing the cooking or entertaining, but they enjoy being the provider and knowing everything is in its rightful place. Such a person may enjoy a transformation of their tool shed or a new place for their tools.

The Student

The student has a couple of college degrees but did not stop there. They are eternally thirsty for knowledge and love trying new things, especially if it requires research, study, and practice. If they’re in school, they probably have limited time to do chores. It would be a nice sentiment to pay for a cleaner to come over and take care of their living space. It will be one less thing they have to do and doubly presents them with the gift of free time.

Jay Newman is a guy who can sometimes struggle with tasks he deems as being better suited to the opposite sex. Cleaning would be 1, he has no idea how women manage to keep a house clean, work and raise a family. Gift giving is another area he has struggled with, but he’s got it sussed now and is sharing his ideas with others!

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