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Conforming to Subculture? 4 Signs That You Actually Might Be a Hipster

If you’re a hipster, you’re a younger adult who follows the latest trends, yet you prefer to think of yourself as living outside the mainstream. You gravitate toward clothing, food, music, and fun that ordinary society ignores. Of course, everyone has their own taste and style. If you were ever in doubt, here are four good signs you might be a hipster.

Conforming to Subculture? 4 Signs That You Actually Might Be a Hipster

1. Keep Healthy

Hipsters don’t diet, count calories, or worry about their physique. You’re in fairly decent shape because you eat smart, even tending toward veganism. You like salads and fruit smoothies. You manage to stay active, but have fun doing it.

When people talk about exercise, you’re thinking rock climbing, cycling, yoga, or kayaking, not sit-ups or pumping iron. Hipsters don’t care that mountain biking burns more calories than jogging. You do it because you like it.

2. Trendy Clothes

You’d like to shop at the high-end stores, but you don’t. You visit Walmart only for the necessities. At times you may pop in mainstream stores and browse, but your tastes run more to casual and practical, although with your own flair.

Instead, you haunt thrift shops looking for good deals that also represent a style choice. You prefer retro jeans, cool T-shirts, khaki shirts, vests, and interesting-but-hand-made jewelry.

3. Care About the World

Supporting animal rescue groups is important, and you worry about protecting endangered wildlife and habitats. You may not be a tree-hugger, but you try to recycle and think about lowering your carbon footprint.

Buying food like veal or lamb seems completely unethical to you. Organic foods appeal to you more. You don’t care about being rich so much as living well. If you do open a business, it’s a responsible business geared toward fellow hipsters.

4. Need Stimulation

You drink a lot of coffee. Then you get more coffee. You probably Instagram photos of your latest Starbucks trenta. Vaping is a part of your life. It’s much cooler and healthier than smoking. Vape kits from places like The Vape Mall also allow you to inject some of your individuality into the process. You can build your own custom vape devices and even mix your own DIY e-liquids in various flavors with drops or syrups. Even manipulating nicotine levels is easy.

True hipsters want to live on their own terms, resist social pressure, and yet care deeply about life. If you don’t like the idea of being categorized as a hipster, you may actually be one.

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