What Do You Do When Fashion Doesn’t Suit You?

What Do You Do When Fashion Doesn't Suit You?

Fashion is one of the great things in life. Is it important, going to change the world, decide the fate of humanity? No – but that doesn’t mean it’s not something to be enjoyed. Fashion is the ultimate in self-expression, showing who you are and how you want the world to see you. It’s one of the few things about your overall appearance that you can change at whim, chameleon-like, depending on your mood or just the image you want to protect. Fashion should be fun, and exciting, and maybe not life changing… but definitely worth spending some time on.

So why does fashion have to be so difficult?

With all that’s good about the world of style, there are plenty of downsides too. The repetition of styles; the way that most of us look back on photos from the 90s, wonder what on earth we were thinking, and then idly wonder what we’ll think of today’s great outfits in 2030. The way that fashion can dupe people into thinking their body should be a certain way despite what nature intended… that’s not so great, either. We live in a world where fashion has gone so far as to suggest that “boobs are back”, when that’s literally just a body part not a fashion icon.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about fashion, however, is how it has rules. With every new season, there’s a new set of rules. The colors you should be wearing; the cuts that should be on your frame; the styles that you should be on point with. That’s all well and good; fashion is to an extent a club, and clubs have got to have rules. But what do you do when those on-trend fashion pieces are exactly the worst kind of clothing for your body?

Option One: Wear What’s Fashionable Anyway

Okay, so that amazing new skirt/dress length that everyone is wearing makes you look like the bottom half of your legs have been cut off, but it’s what’s in fashion. So you grit your teeth, try to make it look as decent as possible, and get on with your life. Even if you don’t look your best or feel particularly great, you’re still showcasing that you’re up to the moment with the latest developments and you’re going to stick that way through thick and thin.

This takes bravery, but if you’ve got that in spades, then go for it. Wear the latest styles, albeit while crossing your fingers behind your back and hoping the next big thing will be a bit more flattering to your shape.

Option Two: Mix and Match

If the latest on-trend pieces aren’t quite what you’d usually look for in an outfit, then you can still make the grade by mixing and matching from your existing wardrobe. If short sleeves and low necklines are in and you’re not a big fan of your upper arms, then you can add a worn-open shirt or jacket from Ruby Rd clothing to help you out. The neckline will still be on show, but you won’t feel quite so much like you’re showcasing the parts of your body you’re less than happy with – everybody wins.

This option also means you won’t have to pretty much buy an entire wardrobe anew with each change of season. It keeps your wardrobe evergreen, while still allowing you the chance to play with the fashion of the moment by adding a few new styles.

Option Three: Just Ignore The Trend

Well, it’s an option. It’s an option that your entire body and fashion-conscious mind might tell you is absolutely the worst choice, but it’s definitely something to consider.

Fashion is, after all, about having fun and making yourself feel good. If you wear something purely because the fashion editors are telling you you should, then that’s fine if you genuinely like and enjoy the item. If you don’t, then perhaps it’s best just to let it pass you by – and hope the next season’s styles are going to be a little more to your taste.

Of course, you can always make use of accessories and shoes if the garments themselves aren’t doing it for you. This means you can still nod to your style-conscious self, without reducing things down to the point where you feel self-conscious every time you step out of the door. With this option, you can get through the existing season, and hope the next has got something better to offer your shape.

What Do You Do When Fashion Doesn't Suit You?

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