4 Sensational Tops to Make Your Wardrobe Diverse and Delightful

No matter how full your closet is, you’re bound to occasionally feel like you have nothing to wear. The common advice to experiment with accessorizing and layering makes sense, but it isn’t always easy to put it into practice. It can also be hard to judge a new garment’s versatility and ability to complement the clothes you already have. Use these tricks to revitalize your wardrobe with just one or two tweaks.

4 Sensational Tops to Make Your Wardrobe Diverse and Delightful

Unexpected Layering

There is more to layering than tossing on a scarf or a sweater in the fall. It involves playing with textures and adding whole new design elements to your outfit. Consider wearing leggings in a bold color or print under a plain black dress. You could also wear textured tights under a skirt made out of a smooth material. The next time you wear a camisole under a top with a deep neckline, make sure it’s in a surprising color. If you’re going to raise your neckline for the sake of modesty, you might as well have fun with it.

Under Dresses

Wearing a t-shirt under a dress is another form of layering, but it stands apart as its own method of adjusting an ensemble. Some people feel that dresses are inherently formal, that they cannot be worn on a day-to-day basis. If you struggle to feel comfortable in a dress, try wearing a spaghetti-strap dress with a plain white t-shirt underneath it. The shirt makes the dress seem more casual. Women who don’t like to show their shoulders or chests favor this look. If modesty isn’t your concern, you could still use this trick to wear sundresses in colder weather or to make your dresses seem like completely new outfits.

One New Top

If all else fails, go out and buy one top that makes you feel extra special. You’re only choosing a top because you want to ensure that you’re making a considered purchasing decision. Some companies, such as Simple Addiction, know that you should think about how you would wear it with your favorite skirt or pair of jeans. Imagine how you would do your makeup and hair the first time you wear the top out with your friends. Only buy the top if you run through all of these thought processes and you still feel excited to wear it.

Funky Bandeaus

Bandeau tops are tubes of fabric that can either be worn as a strapless bra or over your regular bra. Bandeaus are useful for when you’re wearing a shirt with an open back; you can wear a brightly colored bandeau over your bra strap to preserve your modesty. You’d also be adding a fun pop of color in a place no one would ever expect it. If you have previously disliked shirts with low backs, bandeaus might empower you to try a whole new type of clothing.

Try these clothing hacks to open up new possibilities within your existing wardrobe. You won’t be changing your style, you’re upgrading it.


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