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Chasing Success: 5 Unique Ways to Change Your Mentality on Achieving Your Dreams

Setting goals in life and learning to achieve them is one of the most important skills a person can have, yet at the same time it is the most elusive of all educational subjects. It isn’t taught well in most schools, and the options for making it a habit later in life are limited.

Nevertheless, the principles of goal setting haven’t changed. There are some simple things anyone can do to improve their chances of reaching their goals and learning how to improve their situation along the way. Here are a few things to consider.

Chasing Success: 5 Unique Ways to Change Your Mentality on Achieving Your Dreams


As the old saying goes, “a man who chases two rabbits catches none.” Never has this been more true than in the distraction-saturated world of the Internet, social media and mobile devices. Focusing on anything has become nearly impossible, even for people who in any other circumstances would easily be able to see a project through.

Focus is the key to accomplishing anything. If you set a goal and fail to devote your best effort to that goal and only that goal, it is very likely you will simply be unable to invest the time, energy and resources to reach it.


This is focus’ cousin, and it is one of the skills that will help you reinforce your ability to concentrate on a single task until it is complete. One of the most important things to conserve in your day to day work is your productive attention. Having a routine that makes it possible for you to be productive without exerting energy to maintain attention will amplify your ability to get things done.

Once you establish that routine, it is vital you learn to make it a habit. That will earn you enormous amounts of productivity for almost no investment in additional time or energy.

Small Gains

Winning coaches will tell you basketball games are not won with three point shots and slam dunks. Football games are not won with 70-yard touchdown passes either. Your success will come with incremental and very small successes strung together. You might only earn a little money for each job you do, but if you find a way to do millions of those jobs over time, you will build wealth.

You should not expect to reach your goal all at once. Learn to expect occasional small advances instead of the big score. You’ll learn to appreciate that kind of progress more in the long run.


There are entire industries devoted to teaching manufacturers of products like those of Money Making Money Clothing how to shave a quarter of a cent off their production processes. The reason is a quarter cent is a $75,000 a month improvement if your company is manufacturing a million units a day.

This is the reason your journey towards reaching your goals should include constant improvement. Even if you think that tiny advance is insignificant, it will amplify over time.

Compound Effects

This is improvement’s cousin, and it has been described as the most powerful force in the universe. Remember your efforts are not additive. They are multiplicative, and as such they can be brought to leverage insurmountable momentum against obstacles. Consider what you know about goal-setting now. All five of these principles, compounded on each other, can drive you to success in spite of yourself.

When you start on the road to success, you might think each of your goals is too simple to matter. When you are on the road to success, it can be hard to tell where your goal is or how far you’ve come. It isn’t until you see your goal that you realize all you really needed was the commitment.

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