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Not So Fast & Furious? How to Know If You’re Really a Negligent Driver

Many people think that they are good drivers, but the truth is that a number of them are likely incorrect. Sharpening your driving skills is important because accidents on the road can lead to serious injuries and death. The first step is to admit that you might be a negligent driver.

Coming to Terms with Reality

A negligent driver is a person who does not pay attention. These individuals often cause accidents that require resolution by attorneys, like those from the Alexander Law Group. These individuals might speed down the road on a regular basis or constantly use their cell phones while driving; they may get behind the wheel of a car after they have consumed alcohol or used drugs. Negligent drivers show a disregard for human life. Learning how to become a more careful driver is important, and doing so could even save your life.

Use a Driving Tracking App

While using a phone to make a call or text while driving is dangerous, you can employ this technology in a positive manner. Download an app on your phone that tracks your driving habits. One such example is Ever Drive. This app will allow you to see where you stand in comparison to other drivers, and it will provide you with crucial statistics, such as how fast you were driving and how often you used your phone. Once you know the specific temptation that is causing you to be a negligent driver, you can work to resolve it.

Consider the Consequences

You might think that texting while operating a car once in a while isn’t really a big deal, or you may assume that it’s fine to drive 15 miles over the speed limit if no one is on the road. Instead of continuing to believe in these chimeras, take a look at photos or videos that demonstrate the dangers of such actions. Seeing the real consequences of mangled cars and human bodies might be enough to finally get you to stop your negligent behavior.

Remove the Temptation

When gruesome images aren’t enough to get you to change your ways, you should remove the temptation. For example, you might keep your cell phone in a place where you can’t reach it, such as a bag secured in the backseat or in the glove compartment. As far as speeding, you may train yourself by driving on roads with lower speed limits. For example, if you tend to speed on the parkway only, you may confine yourself to side streets until you are ready.

Being a negligent driver is a serious problem, and many people are killed each day because of it. As a result, you want to work to resolve the problem, not to contribute to it.

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