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Update Your Wardrobe: Transition Into Fall In Style

There’s nothing like embracing each season with your fashion choices, but what about those awkward in-between months where the weather is changing and not quite in full swing yet. You don’t want to compromise on style; so you’ll need to update your current summer wardrobe with some key pieces that will lead you into fall with a spring in your step. The following are some ideas and tips for those who need to give their wardrobe an autumnal boost and want to head towards pumpkin season in style. Don’t be sad summer is coming to a close; embrace the chance to go shopping and switch up your outfits (cinnamon latte anyone?).


One of the worst things about the end of summer is the colder weather that creeps in. Although; from a style perspective, this gives you plenty of added clothing options to choose from, so don’t see it as a bad thing. The light jackets and cover-ups that you’ve been wearing on cooler summer evenings can be promoted to everyday wear. Move your outerwear to the front of your wardrobe, and think about investing in some quality lightweight knits, long-sleeved cotton and denim jackets, and thin jersey pullovers that can be added to any of your existing outfits with ease.

You don’t want to be bundled up, as you’ll be too warm when you head into grab a coffee; however, you’ll need plenty of thin layers so that you’ll suit the unpredictable transition in any weather. Check out for some ideas on how to rock layers during fall, so you can make September the chicest month of all. Fall is the perfect time to continue wearing those gorgeous floral dresses you bought during summer; layer them up with an oversized cardigan, or even a shirt, and don’t forget that tights might have to start making an appearance to keep those pins warm.

A lot of your layering choices can be aimed at the season’s transitional period; collarless jackets are a great example of how to start embracing outwear again, without feeling too warm or weather inappropriate. Cotton scarves or shawls are another way to add a little warmth to your wardrobe, without it being too much. Swap your jean shorts for full denim pants; you can still wear your favorite summer tees, but you’ll probably just need a jacket or cardi to throw over your shoulders.

Update Your Wardrobe: Transition Into Fall In Style


One of the fun things about a fashion season change is the new influx of colors and prints. Check out what’s happening color-wise on your favorite fashion blogs and in magazines, so that you can begin incorporating various items into your current wardrobe. Take a look at sites like so that you can get some great offers on fashion stores and brands; you might not wear your transitional pieces for large portions of the year, so it’s worth being savvy and shopping smart.

The classic fall colors, like burnt orange, burgundies, and browns, are easy shades to add to an outfit. Pop a leather bag, belt, or suede boots in a rich hue with your floral dress to push your attire into fall. Printed, long-sleeve tops in the season’s trend can go with your jeans and will look great under that denim jacket you bought. Shirts and fine-knits in darker neutral tones can be mixed and matched with a variety of items in your wardrobe; giving you the perfect fall capsule collection so that you can feel your best each day.

Update Your Wardrobe: Transition Into Fall In Style


The colder the weather gets; the cozier you’ll want to feel. Therefore, it’s the perfect chance to start stocking up on heavier cotton and denim tops and shirts and choosing thicker fabrics when it comes to your new dresses, skirts, and pants. The key is to ensure that your new buys can still be worn with the lighter jerseys, polyesters, and your cotton dresses from summer, and not look uneven. Balance your transitional outfits so that you look well put-together and you have an array of considered ensembles to choose from.

Your focus will be changing from simply keeping as cool as possible, to wearing whatever takes your fancy; from buttery leather bomber jackets to silky-soft suede skirts, it’s an exciting season to begin. If you’re going with a darker color palette now the weather’s getting cooler; you can add interest with contrasting textures in your outfit. Think about the matte finish of a fine-knit tee, with the shine from a leather skirt, or patent boots; the more different, the better, and you’ll stand out from the fashion crowd. Keep you choices fun and ensure they make you feel great and keep you comfortable; fashion comes and goes, so don’t take it all too seriously and enjoy the start of fall.

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