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How to Handle Yourself Around Younger Male Hires

The workplace has come a long way in being friendly towards female employees. With the rise of female talent in the workplace, women are starting to outpace men in their ability to take home a paycheck and are proving themselves to be invaluable to their companies with the services they provide. However, there is still some potential for conflict around younger male employees. Here are some tips to help you when bringing on new male talent to your team.

How to Handle Yourself Around Younger Male Hires

Always Maintain the Dress Code

Make sure you dress professionally and be sure new hires are expected do the same. You should keep skirts at the appropriate length to avoid prying eyes and be sure to go over the sexual harassment material with all new candidates thoroughly. Younger men have a tendency to joke around more in the office, so make sure that they understand that any off-color remarks or sexual innuendoes with female staff will not be tolerated.

Avoid Being Too Easily Offended

While it is important to define where the line is and make sure potential male employees never cross it, it is also good to have a thick skin. As a woman in a position of power within a corporation, you never would have gotten to where you are today without it. But it helps to remind yourself that there is nothing any man can say that will cause you to crumble under pressure. If someone is being rude or offensive, let that person know it and if it persists, let HR know and have them disciplined. However, never let them see you sweat.

Always Be Professional

Conduct your interviews with younger male hires with an eye for how they can help the company. Never be impressed by over-confident men. Men tend to brag more, so make sure that if a claim is made in an interview not on their resume, that you have them clarify. You may be able to catch someone in a fib about their experience or credentials and know right away that someone cannot be trusted. On the other hand, you may be pleasantly surprised at how confident and well-spoken a candidate may be. Always remember that you are in charge and don’t be afraid to let them know that. You have the ability to make good decisions for your company which is why you got to the position that you now enjoy.

Never be afraid to be who you are, no matter who you share office space with. You are a strong, independent woman who makes the world a better place because of what you do. Always hire young men who are mindful of that and respectful of your position.

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