Innovative Catering Ideas For Your Next Event


Innovative catering makes any event more memorable. If you want to have an event that your friends and family will be fondly remembering for years, keep reading for some ideas on how to make your catering efforts more creative.

Innovative Catering Ideas For Your Next Event

Have A Theme For All Meals

Pick one main food and have everything, from appetizers to cocktails, follow suit. You can use one recurring ingredient. For example, why not try an almond crusted chicken and fish for dinner, almond pastries for dessert, almond flavored coffee, and almond flavored cocktails!

Have A Tasting Menu

Instead of everyone just having one entree, have your caterer prepare a tasting menu. It will give everyone a variety of foods to taste, and it is truly a unique idea. No one will go home wondering what another menu item would have tasted like because they got to taste it all! You can have the bar prepare mini drinks, too. Your guests will love the idea!

Have A Donut Bar In Lieu Of A Cake

A few years ago, it used to be that cupcakes were all the rage in terms of uniqueness. Be completely unique and have a tower of donuts creatively arranged instead of a cake. It gives the guests more an array to choose from, and it’s more fun than a traditional cake.

Moving Chef Stations

We have all seen waiters at parties walking around with trays of appetizers. How different would it be to have chefs walking around preparing appetizers to your guests’ liking? Or, you can have the chef moving from table to table preparing the food as your guests sit and watch.

Innovative Catering Ideas For Your Next Event

Have A Food Truck

For an outdoor or summertime party, try hiring a food truck. Everyone loves food trucks, and you can have quite an assortment of food that everyone will love. It provides a more relaxed setting, and your guests will love the idea.

Have Your Guests Plan The Menu

When you send out invitations for your next event, include a creative insert that allows the guests to submit an idea for a main dish, appetizer, or dessert that they’d like to see served at the party. Narrow it down to the best ones and ask the caterer to prepare them.

Having a catered party doesn’t have to be traditional! You can always come up with fun ways to present the food, giving your guests an experience to remember. For your next party, find the best caterers Sydney to cater your event.

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