4 Helpful Hints to Recover Quicker after Breast Augmentation Surgery

In the modern world, breast augmentation has become a popular activity among women. It is a surgical operation performed by professionals to enlarge breasts using saline and silicone gel implants. The surgery makes bodies attractive and younger. Breast augmentation procedures satisfy women because they restore their breasts’ sizes and shapes. However, people should not take these surgical activities lightly. It is advisable to always remain cautious after undergoing this process to reduce swelling, nausea, and pain, which quickens the recovery process. Below are some hints that can help people to heal and recover quicker after breast augmentation surgery.

4 Helpful Hints to Recover Quicker after Breast Augmentation Surgery


Wear Special Garments

After the placement of breast implants under the muscles, patients may experience painful moments. Therefore, it is not advisable to wear tight clothes for the first few weeks, such as underwire bras. Pressure and friction caused by underwire bras may cause skin irritation, inflammation of your incisions, and pain after breast augmentation surgery. Therefore, you should follow your surgeon’s post-surgical care instructions keenly and wear stress-free garments that will cause minimum friction and pressure on your breasts. Mostly, surgeons instruct patients to wear surgical bras and other special clothes to quicken the healing process. Moreover, you should work with a reliable plastic surgery clinic. Professionals, like those at Murphy Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, know that you will get the best instructions if you consider the services of a reputable plastic surgery clinic in your region. The clinic should display a current operational permit. Additionally, it should have qualified professionals to offer you helpful instructions to heal quicker after breast augmentation surgery.

Refrain from Alcoholic Beverages and Smoking

Before breast augmentation surgery, you should refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking tobacco. Excessive consumption of these substances may weaken your body, which can highly affect your recovery after breast surgery. Additionally, you should not drink alcohol or engage in smoking activities after breast augmentation surgery. Doctors instruct people to avoid these substances during this period because they may hinder blood from flowing freely in their bodies, which can cause delays in healing. Moreover, refraining from alcohol and cigarettes lowers the risk of bleeding.

Avoid Tanning Beds

For at least 5-9 weeks after breast augmentation surgery, you should not go under tanning beds. Your incisions will heal quicker if you avoid these beds. Also, you should not expose your wounds directly to the sun, which will minimize scarring and quicken your recovery.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

After breast surgery, you should not lift heavy things or perform strenuous activities. Activities that require more energy can lead to hematoma formation, pain, and bleeding. You should rest, sleep, eat healthy food, and drink enough water every day. These processes will strengthen your muscles and quicken your recovery.

Conclusively, you should not miss post-surgery appointments with your doctor. The professional will monitor your progress and guide you on the way forward.

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