Is Losing Weight Becoming A Heavy Burden?

Is Losing Weight Becoming A Heavy Burden?


Losing weight can be something you excel at, struggle with. Most women often find themselves yo-yo-ing between weight gain and loss or find themselves at a point where the weight just won’t shift anymore.

This can be because of various things, but here are some tips that may be able to help you get back on the weight-loss side of things.


You will have heard all about this from day one of your weight-loss journey – exercise is a sure way of losing weight. And it is, but what you have to remember is that exercise burnings fat and creates muscle. The weight doesn’t just disappear, the fat is converted into energy for your body, into muscle density, and into the sweat that is secreted out – so remember while you are dripping away – you are literally wiping away the pounds. When you weigh yourself after a three-month program and realise that you have only lost half the weight you aimed for – don’t worry. Look at yourself in the mirror, not at the scales, if you can see the transformation in your body, then you are burning the fat.

If you need numbers to back-up what you see, then work out your body fat percentage – not your BMI as that includes all of you, muscle included. You can find gym instructors who can do this for you, but your best bet is to ask a nutritionist or health professional.

If, however, your body isn’t where you want it to be yet you have done everything at the gym, then you can do two things; the first is to shake up your routine. Check what you are doing is right for the type of weight-loss you are looking for. For example, if you are seeking to lose weight around your thighs, yet most of your workouts are centred around your abs and upper body – it’s not going to work. Enlist the help of a personal trainer to tailor a routine to what you need.

The second is your diet. If you are working out but still eating the same as you were, then you are only doing half the job.


What you put into your body determines what will happen to it. If you overload it with carbs, fats and sugar – you are going to put weight on regardless of your exercise commitment. And even if you were toning up while eating the same old rubbish, you are putting your body in the way of serious health risks. Although you may see the fat melting from your hips – it is still clumping onto your heart. And, with the extra exertions you are adding onto your body in order to lose the fat – which you are still consuming – you are at risk of a heart attack and other serious illnesses.

The same can be said for underfeeding your body. The idea of dieting might bring to mind tiny portions and living off celery. But that is not the case. Dieting properly means to eat a balanced diet. Going low-carb, using a ketogenic diet guide or simply using a weight-loss program, will work as long as you stick to the portion sizes and tailor the meals to what your body needs. For example – if you have low iron then eating meals rich with dark green veg is perfect. And if you are exercising a lot or working to tone as well as trim – then you’ll need to up the protein as your body is burning through is faster.


Through all of this remember that the best thing for you, when you are at that frustrating point with those last few pounds, is a positive and determined outlook. Try not to let numbers cloud your achievements – if you are over that ideal weight by four pounds then does it really matter? If yes, then go at it and do it! If not then relax. Remember that losing weight isn’t about eating and exercising a certain way for a certain amount of time – it is a complete lifestyle change. During the initial weight loss you may work harder, but once you have reached your goal – once you look in the mirror and like what you see, that you can relax a little and indulge in a piece of cake now and again.

Always seek the advice of a doctor or nutritionist before making drastic changes to your diet, but know that you can do it and those pounds will shift if you out in the right work.

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