Indications That Your Back Pain Is Triggered By the Mattress

When all of a sudden you get a shooting back pain, it could be quite perplexing. You must then try and think about the factors triggering the back pain provided you have not made any changes in your way of life that may be causing it. You could arrive at a conclusion that your mattress is the main culprit provided you have not tweaked your daily schedule.

Indications That Your Back Pain Is Triggered By the Mattress

How Would You Know That Your Mattress Is At Fault?

There are several causes of lower back pain, as such; it is pretty challenging to identify the right cause at once. But experts come up with a few clues that indicate that the mattress you are sleeping on is to be blamed. When you get a lower back pain, it is the first sign that your mattress could be a wrong one. If you wake up with a severe back pain but within 15 to 30 minutes or so after getting up, the pain vanishes then it is an important indicator that your mattress needs to be replaced with another one that suits your requirements.

If you are not able to get a sound sleep, instead, you seem to be waking up every now and then all through the night or if you keep on tossing and turning in an effort to get some sleep then that could be a possible sign. Remember even though you are not experiencing a back pain as of now, you may consider getting a new mattress after every eight years or so to rule out the chronic lower back pain.

Choose a Good Mattress to Fortify Your Back

Everyone must be having their individual sleep preferences so it becomes quite difficult to identify the right mattress. If you wish to protect your back, you must buy a mattress that is neither too soft nor too firm. If you use a mattress that is excessively firm, it would be pushing on all your pressure points causing misalignment of the spine. Likewise, if your mattress is extra-soft, your body would be naturally sinking into the bed leading to a bad sleep posture that could trigger a back pain. The right mattress must make you feel as if you are floating and balancing on the air. You may find out the features and qualities of a loom and leaf vs. leesa, before making the final choice.

Everyone has been going through turbulent financial times yet you need to invest in things that are essential to enhancing the quality of your life. Your mattress is one such necessity. You simply cannot undermine the importance of a mattress as you seem to be spending 8 to 9 hours daily on your mattress. So, buy a good mattress that promises better sleep and no back pain.

When an Adjustment Makes Sense

A wellness adjustment from a certified chiropractor definitely is a wise idea before going shopping for mattresses. This relieves pain and improves body support and posture. You should also ask for advice on postures and sleeping positions and any recommendations for mattresses. Chiropractors deal with various back issues on a daily basis and are likely to have a better idea about this than most others.

Other Things You Could Do

A change of mattress will likely help a lot with your back pain. One of the other things you can do is to put a small stretching exercise into your daily schedule- nothing intensive, just a few stretches after waking up and before going to bed. This improves flexibility and range of motion too. You have to train yourself to sleep in a good posture. Choose good pillows for your neck.


A new mattress can work wonders; resolving back pain, letting you dream better and have a fuller sleep. There is nothing more vital than sleep, so put some time and effort into the purchase. Carry your own pillow if you need, and spend at least ten minutes testing each mattress out. That’s the only way you can ensure a perfect long-term fit for you.

Author Bio: Adam Tyler is a chiropractor who has been in this line for over a decade now. He has treated several patients with chronic back pain and neck pain. Many of his patients found relief by replacing the old mattress with a suitable new one. He suggests evaluating the characteristics of a loom and leaf vs. leesa while buying the best mattress to suit your preferences.

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