Fun Facts About Area Codes in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is in the dangerous “Tornado Alley” of the United States, but millions of people still call the state home because of opportunities in agriculture and business. Oklahoma is also known for its oil and gas industries, which have supported rapid population growth in the region. Four area codes serve Oklahoma: 405, 539, 580, and 918. In 1947, Oklahoma had only one area, 405, but a 918 area code came into effect in 1953. As Oklahoma’s population grew, and the use of cellphones increased, the state needed a new area code. Area code 580 became effective in 1997, followed by area code 539 in 2011.

Area code 405 covers the central part of the state, including the metropolitan area of Oklahoma City, Edmond, Stillwater, and El Reno. This area code could become exhausted in 2019. Area code 918 covers Bartlesville, Broken Arrow, Jenks, and Tulsa in the northeastern part of Oklahoma. The region received an overlay area code 539 in 2011 to help support the large population of Tulsa. This 539 area code was the first overlay code created in the state. Area code 580 covers southern and western Oklahoma, including Ada, Boise City, Enid, Lawton, and Weatherford.

The following infographic from reveals fun facts about the area codes in Oklahoma and projected area code needs. When you consider how Oklahoma’s area codes have evolved from one to four since 1947, you can begin to understand the needs for new overlay area codes in the future, possibly within the next two years.

Fun Facts About Area Codes in Oklahoma

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