Why Alpaca Sweaters are Hot for Fall Fashion and Better than Cashmere

 Soon the colors will be changing, the smell of burning leaves will be wafting through the street, and hot apple cider will enjoyed on cold evenings from the tables of Boston to the porches of Seattle. Fall is upon us, and while the signs of this beautiful season are present, there is some confusion over popular fashion for fall. Your wardrobe is a fundamental part to being stylish in the autumn months, and alpaca sweaters are red hot right now. When you search the Internet looking for a great place to buy alpaca sweaters, keep in mind that you are aligned with a fashionable trend that isn’t slowing down. Here’s why.

Why Alpaca Sweaters are Hot for Fall Fashion and Better than Cashmere

Move Over Cashmere, Hello Alpaca

Cashmere (from the Kashmir goat) used to be a standard in luxury, not any more. This wool spun from the soft under hairs of Asian Kashmir goats is no longer sustainable and has taken a huge drop from the racks of luxury to the plain and ordinary. Walk into any discount department store and you can walk away with a cashmere sweater for less than the cost of a tank of gas. Since the early 2000s the price of cashmere may have declined, but that is only because the quality has too. Its sustainability and outdated appeal has caused it to be as common as black socks.

Why Alpaca Sweaters are Hot for Fall Fashion and Better than Cashmere

Alpaca on the other hand is a natural fiber like cashmere but it is more durable and offers more of a luxurious look and feel. The incas placed such a high value on this special fiber that it was more prized than gold and silver. In fact, brands like Louis Vuitton and Versace have already embraces alpaca apparel, as have chains like Banana Republic and Polo.

Alpaca is Kinder than Cashmere

Cashmere is sourced from various types of goats in several regions, but the most prized come from the animals in Mongolia and other parts of Asia where harsh weather freezes animals who have recently been shaved for their hair. In many farms, Kashmir goats that have been discovered days after death well past the time humans can consume the meat are ground up and fed to the other goats. Animal activists have stood against the cashmere industry for decades and view alpaca as a kinder alternative.

Why Alpaca Sweaters are Hot for Fall Fashion and Better than Cashmere

Not only are alpacas kept in kinder environments but they are also treated better than most people. For centuries the Moche people from Peru used images of alpaca in their artwork and view them as sacred creatures. In fact many tribes believe the be the direct descendants of alpacas. Alpacas are kept in comfortable conditions year around.

Alpaca Fashion is here to Stay

Considering that alpaca is better quality than today’s cashmere, is sourced by the world’s top fashion designers, is more affordable and looks and feels more luxurious, choosing it over its more cruel and poor-quality cousin is a no-brainer once you do your research. The holidays are not too far away; surprise your loved one with an alpaca sweater or throw so they can stay warm and look stunning for fall and winter.

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