Are Cloud Storage Services Secure For Your Online Business Data

Online businesses, small and large, have been using cloud storage services for ages now. Cloud storage helps boost the growth of startups. There are tons of cloud storage companies that offer quality services to businesses as well as individuals. If you aren’t on the online business bandwagon yet and looking for a nice startup idea, go for an online t-shirt business. Here is how to start a tshirt business.

Once you’ve your business up and running, would you prefer storing business data online?

The question is, will you consider saving your store’s data on the cloud?

After all that you’ve been through and all that you did to grow your online store, will you take the risk to shift to the cloud?

Let’s see what you should and shouldn’t do to keep your store running successfully.

Are Cloud Storage Services Secure For Your Online Business Data

Is the security of data at cloud storage questionable?

In this post-antivirus age where antivirus programs have become vulnerable and they are not doing any decent job of securing the data and the devices, businesses are concerned about the security of the data they have stored in the cloud.

Project Zero team at Google recently found vulnerabilities in the Symantec antivirus. Though the security threat is related to the antivirus detection, it is of much concern for the businesses. After all, who doesn’t use an antivirus software these days?

Cloud storage services are not much different, you have to understand.

The safe face

The data is stored on a server with a cloud storage company. It is encrypted and claimed to be secured by the service providers.

In part, the data is safe and secure as it is encrypted. No one except the user (you and your team) can decrypt and access the stored files. If you have a strong password which is a mix of alphabets, digits, and special characters, it will be impossible for potential hackers to break in. A potential hacker will need at least 219 years to try all the combinations of a powerful encryption key.

The data on the server is thus, only accessible to you and your teamand anyone who has the encryption key. It is private and not even the employees of the cloud storage company have access to it.

Fine enough.

The insecure side

One of the major security issues with cloud storage pertains to the intentional data sharing where the cloud storage company has to legally give access to courts and the governments. Now that’s risky.

For example, Google received 35K data requests in 2015 and 63% of the requests were entertained. Similarly, other cloud storage companies give access to client data upon special requests.

This doesn’t end here.

The security standards of the cloud storage company also play a significant role in your online business’s data security. If the data is not encrypted while it is uploaded and downloaded or if it is not encrypted when it is stored on the server, consider it unsafe. This is, however, an issue that can be addressed easily and is linked to your choice of the cloud storage service.

How to keep your business data protected

It is not wise to store heaps of data in in-house servers. At some point in time, you have to use cloud storage for your business. There is no denying.

Are Cloud Storage Services Secure For Your Online Business Data

Online businesses should chart their own data security strategies.

  • Refrain from storing confidential data on cloud storage.
  • Choose a reliable cloud storage company with high standards of security.
  • Store data on multiple locations.
  • Keep a backup of your data.
  • Change password regularly and make it as strong as possible.
  • Backup the most crucial data on external storage devices instead of the cloud.

We are moving towards an era where storing data on personal servers will not be possible. It is even getting hard for the cloud storage companies to maintain large data houses as they have a lot of data to store. Eventually, everyone will be using cloud storage companies but you should make sure that the most crucial data is not uploaded to the cloud.

Everything else is fine.

Author Bio: Sabih Javed is a T-shaped digital marketer helping businesses and startups take their ventures to new heights. He is the founder of Follow him on Twitter.

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