Coping With Emotions In These Ways? Stop!

There is plenty of advice out there on the stuff you should be doing to improve your health. However, the biggest problem for a lot of folks is that they struggle to cope with negative emotional experiences. In fact, they often use things like drinking alcohol, eating a high fat or sugar diet, or over exercising to block these out. Unfortunately, these coping strategies have a negative effect on the body and mind of the individual. That is why it is important to find constructive and healthy ways of dealing with our emotional experience instead. Read on to find out more.

A range of emotions is natural.

Coping With Emotions In These Ways? Stop!
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Eating in an unhealthy way

Eating is a necessity, we have to do it to survive. Unfortunately, there is a right way and a wrong way of eating, and getting it wrong can create a lot of problems. For instance, while food high in fat and sugar may taste great they do not serve our bodies and minds as well as eating clean, nutritionally dense foods. This is is because they create disturbances in our physical system akin to addiction that are reinforced over time.

However, because many folks use unhealthy food to mask over their negative feelings, their health suffers as a result as they become more susceptible to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Of course, it sounds like the simple answer is to just go on a diet, but as there is an added emotional level, simply restricting what is consumed might not be the most effective options. In fact, it can be very beneficial for many people that demonstrate disordered eating in this way to get some emotional support and help first, and then deal with the food issues once they have learned to cope with their feelings more constructively.


Smoking, alcohol and other substances

Smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and using other substances are often things at the top of the list that need to be stopped. This is because they can be incredibly harmful to the body and mind and put the user in considerable danger. Unfortunately, these substances can also be some of the hardest things to get free of because they are so addictive. That is why it can be a good idea to go into addiction treatment rehab to get some additional help. This is because in a specialized facility they can teach you what you are using the substances for and help you develop healthier habits and quit for good. Something that will improve your physical and mental health and allow you to have a longer, and happier life.



Exercising is something we hear a lot about the benefits of. However just like any other positive activity, it has to be done in balance to be healthy, and when done too much or too little it can cause problems.


The main issue with exercise is that because exercising can make you feel good, it’s easy to turn to it more and more when you need a lift. This, in small doses, is fine, but when you are relying on it to solve or cover your negative feelings, it can become a problem and as addictive any anything else. It can also lead to issues with weight, injury, and wear and tear on the body. That is why it’s always vital that you seek help if you believe your exercise is becoming problematic.


Coping With Emotions In These Ways? Stop!
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