These 3 Things Are Secretly Robbing You Of Sleep

Sleep, it’s pretty important! In fact, if we don’t get enough of it, it can quickly affect our mental and physical well being. Although now more than ever there seem to be a plethora of thing that can stop us getting the right amount of Z’s every night. That is why you need to read on to find out what they are and how you can stop them robbing you of that ever so precious 8 hours of nightly sleep.


Blue light

These 3 Things Are Secretly Robbing You Of Sleep

Blue light is the light that is emitted from technological devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets when they are being used. It is said to affect the circadian rhythms of the body, causing all sort so issues with sleep. That means too much blue light and using devices with blue light before bed is a very bad idea. Unfortunately,  just before bed is one of the peak time that folks tend to use their phones and combine this with a day full of work on the computer and it’s easy to see how we are allowing way too much blue light into our systems.

To deal with this, some devices have special filters that reduce the amount of blue light that they emit, something that is often used on mobile devices before bedtime. However, these aren’t practical to be used through the day, and that is why it may be beneficial to consider using blue light blocking glasses for sleep instead. This is because they can be used through your computer work in the day and during the evening to greatly reducing your exposure to blue light and helping to normalize your sleep patterns.



Another common sleep thief is Worry. The crafty thing about worry is that it’s not actually very constructive. Yes, you may feel like you are doing something by going over and over your problem in your mind, but you actually aren’t. You are just putting more and more focus on the problem, something that stops you doing other helpful things like concentrating on something else or drifting off to sleep to rest.

That is why it can be very useful to learn to recognize these pattern in yourself and gently direct your thought away onto something else when you see it happening. If it is occurring when you are trying to sleep, then it can be helpful to use some white noise tracks or meditations to help give your brain something to divert its focus to that won’t wake you up to much. Then you should be able to drift off to sleep easily, rather than waste the night with the problem going around and around in your head.


Your mattress

Last, of all, a big sleep stealer is your mattress, and you might not even realize that it is happening!  This is because a mattress can seem comfy, but totally be the wrong firmness to support the way you sleep. If this is the case, you may drift off happily, but then end up waking up a lot in the night and having a very disturbed sleep because on this.

These 3 Things Are Secretly Robbing You Of Sleep

To combat this is vital that you do a little research on which type of mattress is the best for your sleeping position. Then you can ensure you get a longer and less disturbed rest, each and every night.


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