Tantalizing Travel: 3 Careers That Could Take You Abroad

Many dream of foreign lands and experiencing unique cultures, but daily obligations, costs, and other factors often keep people from venturing out. While vacationing internationally can be incredibly fun and a great way to escape the typical routine, it generally costs a fair amount of money to do so, making regular trips less feasible. However, there are various jobs that can be done to pay the bills, while also providing an opportunity to explore other countries. Following are three examples of interesting jobs that could take you abroad.

Tantalizing Travel: 3 Careers That Could Take You Abroad

Cruise Ship Employee

Cruise ships are a popular choice for vacationers worldwide who want to experience the luxury of the ship while exploring various destinations along the way. This creates a huge demand for a variety of employees, including bar tenders, DJs, massage therapists, fitness instructors, tour guides, and even managers.

These positions can be permanent, seasonal, or can be offered on a cruise-by-cruise basis, allowing flexibility and an opportunity to try other positions if desired. Furthermore, these ocean excursions occur worldwide, offering many choices on where to work and allowing you to explore different countries and their popular sights.

Travel Nurse

Becoming a travel nurse provides many opportunities regarding where you may want to work and the specialty that you want to focus on. If you love interacting with and helping people, this job also offers a great chance to help those in need all over the world and around your home country.

Though extra schooling may be required, salary is generally good, and there are many work-related benefits that come with the job. To become a travel nurse, one must become a Registered Nurse and complete the related examinations and licensing requirements that may be standard in a specific location. It may be hard work, but the demand for travel nurses is high and the job is rewarding.

Travel Agent

Having a job as a travel agent is a great way to put a passion for travel into a steady job that will allow for you to explore a particular area, while helping others enjoy the various sites and experiences of that destination as well. Many tourist spots have a demand for English-speaking individuals who can help organize trips for others, so there is a fairly large pool of places to choose from in regards to job location.

While packing up and moving for a long period of time can be daunting, becoming a travel agent is an interesting way to truly learn the ins and outs of a certain place, while often getting paid to travel frequently in the area. It can be stressful to move your belongings across the globe, so it is recommended to use moving professionals, like Bekins Van Lines Inc, to take care of your things.

Traveling abroad is a common desire of many, but the chance to do so is often hindered by the increasingly expensive nature of international travel and the responsibilities we take on at home. Striving for a career that opens up opportunities for international travels is a great way to cover costs, while getting to experience unique places and meet interesting people. The three aforementioned jobs are a fantastic way to work and have the worldly experiences that you yearn for. Hard work and dedication are needed, but each step taken will be rewarded with an incredible experience.

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