Find Yourself A Quick Health Fix

The modern day world makes life a lot easier for a lot of us, whether it be the instant communication element across the web, fast transport in cars and planes, or the ability to access the information you need whenever you need it. This makes work, daily habits, and good health a lot easier to stick to! However, some of the time we do need a little more commitment, or the motivation to find a little more.

Of course, there may be a quite a few reasons as to why you can’t commit to shooting your health into the stratosphere, and honestly you don’t have to either! Here’s a few health tips and tricks that can be done in a few minutes, and can make you feel a lot better in yourself, both physically and mentally.


Find Yourself A Quick Health Fix
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Be Sure to Have a Good Stretch

As soon as you wake up, give this one a spin. Despite the usual groan and crack we like to do to wake our bodies up, go a little more healthy with your contortions and try a few of these yoga approved moves.

Do the upward stretch with your arms when you first wake up to get a better blood flow into them. Try and keep this up for about 10 seconds, and allow it to raise your spine. You can also twist your spin to get your back moving properly, and better yet you can do it lying down! Lie on your back, twist your legs to one side and crane your neck to the other, and hold it for 30 seconds. If you feel any cracks in your back as you’re doing it, the more’s the better!


Try Using Health Supplements

Plenty of your bodily organs and systems benefit from using supplements, especially when it comes to digestive health. A lot of the time, even when we’re on a healthy diet, we miss out a few of the necessary nutrients by small amounts. Adjusting a diet to include a more heavy hitting nutritional value can be a little taxing, and also super expensive. Use supplements instead.

If you feel your diet isn’t going anywhere, you can get yourself an instant boost through using health supplements. Pop a pill in the morning in the shape of a gummy by checking out products like that of All you have to do is remember to take them, which can be relatively simple when you have a box set for each day of the work, or even a post it note system.


Look Around and See What You Can Wash Up

This does wonders for making us feel better about our environments. There’s a lot of research, like on, gone into how our surroundings affect how we perceive and the world, but it’s generally agreed upon that cleaning up can make us feel a whole world of good.

If there’s dishes in the sink, take the 5 minutes now to wash them up and leave them to dry on the rack. If you need to do the laundry, separate the lights from the darks and pour some laundry detergent in the pot. You can also change your bed in a few minutes, and use the inside out trick to make the duvet a lot easier to slip back in!

It can make you feel a lot more productive in your daily life, and gives your house a good clean up when the mess starts to build. Now you can get on with what you really want to do!


Make Sure You Put Your Phone on Silent

This is to better the sleep you get at night, and to make sure you get as many hours as you can on a limited schedule. Yes, keep your phone near your bed to make sure you can take any important calls, but otherwise keep it on silent to keep interruptions to a minimum.

Similarly, if your phone is on silent, you’re less likely to pick it up and get distracted by all the apps and internet access you have there. We all do it so don’t feel bad if your sleep schedule is out of control because of it, but take these steps to try and better your habits, and get a more peaceful night.


Try Sleeping Commando

It’s a good idea to sleep without underwear as a general rule, as we can’t do it when out and about on a typical day! Yet, this is especially for those of us who can be prone to things like UTIs, as wearing no underwear to bed means you can keep the bacteria away from your sensitive bits and allow them to dry in the air.

If that isn’t comfortable for you, you can use cotton underwear instead of your normal pairs, as this is a lighter material and very airy. You can go on a quick shopping spree with the pure intent to pamper yourself, and make your nighttime routine go a little easier on yourself!


Eat a Good Cup of Carrot a Day

When you’re preparing the dinner in the evening, it’s easy to chop up a carrot to roast or boil and steal a few of the pieces before they go in the pan. However, do this more often and you’ll up your Vitamin A intake astronomically.

Carrots have a lot of health benefits that people don’t realise, and contrary to popular opinion they’re not made of nothing! You can easily lower your cholesterol if you eat some carrot daily, and also keep your eyes in good nick. Yes, the age old tale of your parents is true!

So there you go! Do a little research and look into the parts of your daily routine you think could do with a little brush up. You can usually make it feel and look better in about 5 minutes or less, and that’s a little secret a lot of people don’t know about!

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