5 Power Foods for Controlling High Blood Pressure and Improving Fitness Naturally

Most people focus on eliminating sodium from their diet to control blood pressure, but research shows that you should also try to consume foods containing more calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Some well-balanced food items that you can consider including in your diet to significantly reduce the chances of brain stroke or cardiac disease:

Five Power Foods for Controlling High Blood Pressure and Improving Fitness Naturally

White Beans

Just one cup of white beans is capable of delivering 30% of the magnesium, 13% of the calcium, and 24% of the potassium that you require daily. A versatile food, it can be very easily added to soups, side dishes, as well as entrees. It offers a superb option for vegetarians and those who are not fond of eating animal protein in every meal. The best way to eat beans is to soak them in water overnight before cooking. If you must use canned beans, use the low-sodium variety after rinsing it well.

Pork Tenderloin

You can get up to 15% of the potassium and 6% of the magnesium required per day with just three ounces of this very tasty pork cut. You get loads of flavor without having to consume loads of saturated fat that is an inescapable part of other cuts of pork and beef. For best results,consume only baked or grilled dishes. You can refrigerate the cooked tenderloin and use it during the weeknights when you are tired and looking for quick and tasty solutions.

Fat-Free Plain Yogurt

Just one cup of plain yogurt provides a whopping 49% of the calcium, 18% of the potassium, and 12% of the magnesium that you need to have every day. You can have fat-free yogurt in a variety of ways; as a prime ingredient added to breakfast cereals, in sauces, entrees, and in salad dressings. You can make it easily at home reducing your cost and exercising control over the fat content.Always steroids buy from online stores to build a robust body.

Five Power Foods for Controlling High Blood Pressure and Improving Fitness Naturally


One of the healthiest fish to have, tilapia is found abundantly the entire year-round and also is very cheap. It is rich in magnesium and potassium, delivering 8% of each of your daily requirement. You can have tilapia in very much any way you like, however, you should really bake, roast, or sauté rather than deep fry or seasonwith lashes of butter or cream. A tasty way of having it is with green and fruit-based salsa. Grown in closed systems, it is an environmentally sustainable fish with low residues of mercury and other toxins.


Kale is regarded by most nutritionists as a superfood due to many reasons. Apart from a cup of kale delivering 9% of calcium and potassium each and 6% of magnesium of the daily dietary requirement, it is also very rich in antioxidants that protect you from aging and alpha-linolenic acid that soothes inflammations. It is very easily included in salads.


Along with exercising to lose weight, altering your diet to include foods that are high in calcium, potassium, and magnesium while avoiding sodium intake as much as possible, you can lower your blood pressure naturally.

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