Going Back To School As An Adult

Going Back To School As An Adult

You may be familiar with the phrase ‘education is wasted on the young’. Many of us that failed to get the grades the first time round regret it later on when we have a better idea of our dream profession. Some of us may simply have more of a yearning to educate ourselves later on in life. Fortunately, you can go back and get qualifications at any age. Here are just a few ways to educate yourself as an adult that may be more practical with commitments and a budget.


Take a short course

Not everyone can afford to take a three year course later on in life. A short course could be a better solution that may not require taking such a break from employment. Short courses may only last a few weeks and may be more focused on getting the know-how for a specific job. They may be essential for trades such as personal training, hairdressing or masonry. Take the time to compare short courses in your area in order to get the best quality of teaching and the most relevant skills.


Take an online course

Many universities are now allowing students to study online. Taking a course such as an online MBA degree program may prevent you from having to take time out to sit in lectures in seminars – instead you’ll be able to study from home in your own time around commitments such as work or family. By studying online, you may also be able to choose from a greater range of universities as you won’t be tied to courses in your local area.


Try adult evening classes

You may be able to find evening classes that can be attended after work. Many of these courses will be aimed at adults, so you won’t have to sit in a class full of kids. Some of these courses may take longer to complete so bear this in mind.   


Hire a personal tutor

For full flexibility, you could hire a tutor to teach you when you’re available. There are tutors for all kinds of subjects that can help you to achieve various undergraduate qualifications. There are even virtual tutors that operate over the web using programmes such as Skype. By using a virtual tutor, you won’t be tied to using tutors in your local area.


Find a sponsored course

Sponsored courses are paid by an employer making them a great solution for those that don’t have the money to pay for studies or don’t want to end up with student debt. These sponsored courses are rare and are likely to only be offered by large companies. There’s likely to be a competitive application process and the trade-off will be that you have to then work for that company afterwards. On a related note, you may be able to enrol on an apprenticeship or paid internship. This may allow you to work for a small income as you learn.


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