Who Says Kitchens Can’t Be Cool? Gadgets That Will Put The Cool Back In Culinary!

The kitchen is a great living space. It’s not just where food is prepared, cooked and eaten, it’s where we share a glass of wine with friends or loved ones after a hard day’s work. It’s where our day begins as we sip our morning coffee and ponder the prospect of the coming day. It’s where the party always starts. In spite of all this, however, it can be difficult to muster any sort of enthusiasm when it comes to revivifying the kitchen. If you think that the kitchen is looking a bit dull and dour and in need of an upgrade, but the prospect of browsing through samples of granite worktops and soft closing cupboards gives you the hives, now may be the time to embrace the technological possibility that the modern kitchen presents.

Most of us aren’t aware of it, but the humble kitchen has as many opportunities for the integration of cool tech as the average bedroom or living room. There are gadgets and appliances on the market right now that our childhood selves would have deemed impossible. If you like the idea of having a Jetsons kitchen today, check out these amazing gadgets that will put the cool back in… culinary. With the culinary activities of the festive season on the way, now’s the perfect time to upgrade your kitchen in the most 21st century way possible…

Who Says Kitchens Can't Be Cool?: Gadgets That Will Put The Cool Back In Culinary!

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When kitchens get smart

We’re on the cusp of a technological revolution. The kitchens of the future will incorporate ovens that take a picture of what you’re about to cook, use optical recognition to categorise it and cook said food accordingly. There will also be refrigerators that identify when you’re running low on a certain product and order it online on an as and when basis. There’ll be cookers that use pulsed electric fields and remote activated coffee pots. While quite a lot of this stuff is still in prototype phase, it’s a pretty exciting time. The following items are on the market right now and can make every moment you spend in the kitchen a technological marvel.


Forget everything you think you know about taps

The humble tap has been a mundane part of the everyday kitchen since 1880. While it’s revolutionised our ability to draw clean and fresh water at will, the days in which it’s been a fun novelty are long gone. The humble tap is neither trendy nor glamorous, right? Wrong! You’d be astonished at what can be done with taps these days.

I’m not even talking about the wide variety of cosmetic choices when it comes to taps. Today’s taps are inventive and functional as well as elegant and stylish. Check out Tap Warehouse and you’ll find a huge range of mixer taps or taps that offer boiling water instantly upon demand. You’ll also find taps with the ability to circumvent water pressure issues in your home as well as taps with easily changeable ceramic disc cartridges rather than fiddly washers.  

And if you think that’s cool, you ain’t seen nothing yet! If you’ve ever pined for barista quality coffee on tap, Scanomat’s Top Brewer can make your dream come true! This elegantly designed stainless steel tap that can be incorporated into your existing kitchen worktop and dispenses fresh espresso, straight from the bean. What’s more, it can even produce cappuccinos and lattes with its tiny built in milk foamer. The market is proliferate with awesome bean to cup coffee machines, but none of them are discrete enough to nestle underneath your worktop. What’s more, after each cup is poured, the tap actually cleans itself!


Get your nutrition on point with the prep pad

Getting your calories and (much more importantly) your micronutrients right is of paramount importance if you’re trying to get in shape or are monitoring your diet. Health conscious people have been using kitchen scales to help to measure their calories for decades, but the Prep Pad allows you to quantify the nutritional value of the food you eat while you weigh. When used alongside its companion app it provides real time information about the food you’re preparing via easy to read graphics.

Who Says Kitchens Can't Be Cool?: Gadgets That Will Put The Cool Back In Culinary!

Come home to a robot bartender

A stiff drink after a hard day’s work can be a great way to relax, but who has the time or inclination to mix a fresh cocktail after a long day? What if you could enjoy freshly mixed and perfectly measured cocktails at the touch of a button. This handy gadget by Somabar enables you to do exactly that. make a huge range of perfectly mixed cocktails at the touch of a button (or to be more accurate, a swipe of your smartphone).

This futuristic appliance is managed through a companion app that not only has a repertoire of over 300 drinks on the menu, but also allows for complete customisation of ingredients and alcohol level. Moreover, because it uses portable, removable and dishwasher safe pods it’s extremely easy to clean and maintain.


Ovens that cook with steam

Steaming is a great way of cooking foods, particularly vegetables, in a way that softens them but without the nutrient (or taste) loss that comes with boiling. Kitchen steamers have been a staple of the accessory market for some time now but even the best on them are a little on the anemic side in comparison to the latest generations of Siemens steam ovens. Not only do they do everything that a conventional oven does, they have the healthier option of cooking with steam. They look awesome, too with TFT touchscreen controls and a sleek exterior. They even clean themselves thanks to their ability to heat up to 480 degrees celsius to burn away food waste.


Get your toast right every time with the Vision Toaster

If there’s one thing guaranteed to ruin your morning, it’s burnt toast. The acrid smell and the irritation of scraping the charred remains of your toast off the surface are not conducive to a happy start to the day. The Vision Toaster has a cool retro futurist design that allows you to see your toast as it cooks… And it loads the bread just like a cassette player. What’s not to love?

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