Banishing Baths: Because Some Of Us Just Don’t Have The Time

Banishing Baths: Because Some Of Us Just Don't Have The Time

Some people ADORE baths. They soak for hours, buy luxury bath products, and couldn’t imagine not having a tub. These people exist in vast quantities. This post is not for them.

Instead, this is for the people who can’t remember the last time they enjoyed a long soak. The people who are lucky if they manage a five-minute splash. And, though baths are still big business, it would be fair to say that most us fall into this latter category. Most of our lives just don’t afford us such luxuries. As such, enjoyable baths are near enough off the cards.

Yet, few of us consider scrapping the tub. It’s one of those bathroom features which has been around for so long that we don’t even think about it. Any bathroom has a bath, right? Technically, yes. There’s no getting around the semantics of that one. But, it is possible to have a toilet, shower room, or whatever, without a bath. And, here’s why it may be worth considering.

Wasted space

If you have a family, the chances are you need ever inch of your bathroom. But, your bath basin is wasting a shocking amount of space. Freestanding baths are the worst offenders here, sitting in the middle of the room like they own the place. But, even standard designs are guilty of wasting space. When you all have to squeeze together to fit in front of the sink, you only have your bath to blame. Well, that and the fact that you clearly need to develop a better bathroom rota…


Banishing Baths: Because Some Of Us Just Don't Have The Time

What about the water?

No matter what boiler plan you’re on, hot water can cause issues. If you have a limited amount, you likely all fight over who gets to use it. Even if you have an unlimited supply, hot water isn’t cheap. And, baths waste a lot of it. Admittedly, the shower isn’t always better. But, if you’re quick with your washing, you can reduce that waste. Not so easy in the bath. Unless you’re willing to wash in a small puddle at the bottom, you can guarantee there’s going to be a lot of waste. In fact, baths can cost into the hundreds each year. Is it worth it?

But, what are your alternatives?

Banishing Baths: Because Some Of Us Just Don't Have The Time

Assuming you’re on board by now, you may be wondering what your alternatives are. Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Just stick with a shower. They do the job; they’re small, fast, and efficient. Tick, tick, tick. You could either opt for a standard shower cubicle, or reinvent your bathroom into a wetroom with something like the My Bathroom renovations. This way, you can open your space even more. No more barely being able to move. You’ll have so much space, you won’t know what to do with it.


Of course, if you do decide you want a bath later down the line, you can buy another. But, if a shower-only bathroom sounds like it would work for you, why not give it a go?

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