Rural vs Urban Living

Rural vs Urban Living

Have you always dreamed of running away to live in the countryside?


Or have you imagined making the reverse journey; languishing in the sticks and dreaming of the city life?


It’s fair to say this is a scenario where the old adage of the grass being greener on the other side applies. City dwellers love the idea of the country; those who live in the countryside love the idea of the city– is it possible to decide, once and for all, who’s right?


Probably not; after all, the decision is entirely subjective. However, if you’re torn between whether a rural or urban location might be right for you, let’s examine how each option fares when evaluated along the following important criteria…



Convenience is a big factor in where we choose to live; it’s one of the areas where the rural/urban debate has a real clear cut winner: urban.


If you prize convenience, then living in the countryside is destined to cause you no small amount of irritation. When you live in a rural community, you say goodnight to the all-night-opening stores, the choice of 10 different takeout delivery companies, 24 hour shopping, and a public transportation system that — while not perfect — is at least serviceable.


Rural life is slower, quieter, and you are far more restricted in terms of choice. Sorry, rural living, you just can’t compete in this category.


Winner: Urban.



If the first choice here was a clear, obvious win for urban, it seems only fair to give rural a look in with number two!


Pollution is awful. It’s ruinous to health; if you have asthma or lung conditions, you’ll find yourself at your doctor’s office frequently if you live in an urban environment. Pollution is also ruinous to your home; if you live in a city, you’ll have to be prepared to find a painting company you like, as you’ll need to repaint the front of your home frequently. Pollution is just an everyday factor of life in an urban environment, and likely will be for decades to come.


There is pollution if you live in a rural setting, of course, but the levels are completely incomparable to what you will experience in a city.


Winner: Rural.


Cost and Types of Property

We all know that the closer you get to a city center, the more expensive the properties become. Or at least, that’s the idea. In reality, it doesn’t always work out that way– so this might not be the easy sweep for ‘rural’ that you were expecting.


Buying rural property tends to mean buying large property; there is a huge shortage of rural properties that are one-or-two bedroom. That means the entry-level prices are often far higher, because you’re always looking at large properties. Urban locations, however, have a plethora of smaller options that are perfect  for young professionals.


Winner: Both! It very much depends on your situation. If you have a large family, then rural wins in terms of cost and properties available. If you’re single or a “DINK” with your partner, then urban offers the best options.


In Conclusion

Hopefully the three points will hopefully have given you something to think about, so you can make the right decision for your specific requirements and individual circumstances. Good luck!

Rural vs Urban Living

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