The Countdown To Midnight Begins: Time To Plan The Perfect New Year’s Eve

You want to send 2017 off in the right way, right? Well, a great New Year’s Eve party could be the perfect end to this year and the best way to kick off 2018.


If you haven’t had any invitations to a New Year’s Eve do just yet, you should maybe think about taking things into your own hands. After all, you don’t want to be left at home while everyone else is out partying. Instead of relying on anyone else, it’s a good idea to host your own party. That way, it will be exactly how you want it and the night will be just perfect.


You might find that there is a lot to do when you are planning a New Year’s Eve party and not much time to do it all in. After all, you can’t push back the date of your party if you are late organizing everything! So, you need to start right now. And to help you keep your party planning on track, here are some useful tips for you.


The Countdown To Midnight Begins: Time To Plan The Perfect New Year's Eve


Start Right Now

As the saying goes, there is no time quite like the present. One thing to remember is that entertainment, such as DJs and bands, will quickly get booked up for New Year’s Eve so, if you want someone to come and show your guests how to have a great time, you will need to book them now. It’s also important to send out all your invites as soon as possible so that your guests don’t decide to go to another party before you have chance to invite them.


Think Of Where To Have It

As well as booking your evening entertainment quickly, you should also confirm a venue soon as well. Function rooms and restaurants will be getting booked up as we speak. Of course, if you want to try and keep your costs down to a minimum, you should think about holding your party at home.

The Countdown To Midnight Begins: Time To Plan The Perfect New Year's Eve


Ditch The Christmas Decorations

It’s a good idea to have some decorations for your party. Most venues will let you decorate the room. However, don’t just use Christmas decorations. Everyone will have had enough of red and green tinsel by then! Instead, go for a more sophisticated decor. You should use classy colours like gold and silver, and make sure that there is no mention of Santa anywhere at all!


Don’t Forget About Food

It’s also a nice touch to have some food on offer. If you are organizing a disco or band and expect your guests to spend the night dancing, put together a buffet of finger food. Your guests can then grab a few nibbles whenever they want through the night. It’s essential that you have some food if there is a free bar – all those nibbles can help to soak up alcohol whenever any guests enjoy the tipples a bit too much!

The Countdown To Midnight Begins: Time To Plan The Perfect New Year's Eve

Organize Guest Rooms And Sleeping Space

If you are having your party at home, you should expect it to run well into the wee hours. So, there’s a good chance that some guests, especially the ones who have traveled quite far, will ask to stay for the night. Some who hadn’t planned to stay might end up crashing out at yours as well! So, make sure all of your spare bedrooms are ready to welcome in your guests. Check the bedsheets are fresh and that the rooms have been aired out.


Make Some Party Bags

Remember when you were young and you used to get a party bag at the end of a friend’s birthday party? Well, those bags full of gifts and sweets aren’t just for kids anymore as they are now fashionable at adult parties as well. But you shouldn’t fill them up as if you are giving the bags out to kids, though. Your adult guests will expect something more than just lollies and little trinkets. Think about putting in some miniature bottles of gin and vodka as well as some sophisticated truffles and chocolates. If you give them out during the party, you might want to add some confetti, party poppers and comical New Year’s Eve glasses.


The Countdown To Midnight Begins: Time To Plan The Perfect New Year's Eve

Plan For The Morning After

You can’t just plan your party, enjoy the night and not give any thought to the following day. There is a very good chance that you will have a lot to clean up! And just because it is New Year’s Day is no excuse – after all, if you get cleaned up straight away then you won’t have to worry about it and keep putting it off. There are some companies that will help you with removing rubbish from your home as long as you bag it all up first. Just bear in mind that they will have probably taken New Year’s Day off so you might have to book them for the 2nd at the earliest. Most venues and function rooms will include cleaning in their booking fee, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to leave the place a complete mess. It’s a good idea to take some bin bags with you so that you can have a quick clean up before you leave at the end of the night, even if you just throw out all the paper cups and paper plates. I’m sure the cleaning staff will really appreciate this nice gesture!


The Countdown To Midnight Begins: Time To Plan The Perfect New Year's Eve

Don’t worry if you don’t fancy having your own New Year’s Eve party. There’s still plenty of time to receive an invitation to someone else’s. In fact, most people prefer going to a friend’s party as it’s not as stressful! To make sure you enjoy someone else’s party, there is plenty that you can do to be a good guest.



  • Take a gift for the host. If someone is having you around their home for New Year’s Eve, it’s a nice idea to take them a gift as a thank you. Most people take a bottle of wine for the host. However, it’s also acceptable to take a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates. If you aren’t sure what you should take, just imagine what you would like to receive if you were in the host’s shoes.




  • Don’t start too early. It’s easy to get a bit too over excited on New Year’s Eve and want to get the party started as early as possible. But that’s no excuse to start drinking at a ridiculously early hour. Ideally, don’t have a drink until you arrive at the party. You don’t want to turn up tipsy! Once you are at the party try to take it easy with all the alcohol as well – you want to make it to midnight without falling asleep, after all!



The Countdown To Midnight Begins: Time To Plan The Perfect New Year's Eve



  • Book your transport home in advance. Most people make the mistake of not booking their taxi home whenever they go out for New Year’s Eve. This is the busiest night of the year for taxi companies and if you don’t book in advance, there is no way you are getting a cab home. It will be virtually impossible to flag one down off the street, and you don’t want to find that out the hard way! To make sure you can bag yourself a cab, you should book one a couple of days before New Year’s Eve, just to be on the safe side.



No one wants a lame New Year’s Eve and the best way to ensure yours is going to be a big hit is to start planning yours now, whether you are going to be host or guest.


Happy 2018 everyone!


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