Art Gifts For Christmas

Art Gifts For Christmas

Art is something which many of us appreciate in our lives, but not many of us will find the courage to buy it for someone else as a gift. With art being so subjective it is understandable for you to feel as if you don’t know what you can buy for someone you love, but it isn’t something you should fear at all. In fact, it can be a really lovely Christmas gift. The fact that you have paid attention to the person and you have gone out of your way to find something special makes this gift even better for you to get for someone this year.



Don’t worry about the choice you make too much. It is the process of overthinking it that makes us second guess what could be the perfect choice for our family member. If you see something you think they will like, don’t hesitate to buy it. The only thing you need to ask yourself is whether you like the piece, and whether it represents the person you are buying for.

Go Abstract

Abstract art might seem like a real risk, and in some ways you are right. However, the plus side with an abstract piece is that you don’t have to worry about whether your recipient likes landscapes or animals: abstract pieces are all about the colour. If you know the colour scheme they have in their house or even what their favourite colours are, you can make a real win out of choosing an abstract piece!

Local Artists

Nothing says that you care as much as finding an independent local artist and buying a unique piece from them. If you are buying for your grandparents you could even look for art or photographs of the area from when they were children. It will bring back some beautiful memories and is something they can keep forever on their wall. Art students will also look at trying to sell works cheaper for the chance to build their portfolio. You may be able to share a photograph with them of the person or a pet and get them to create a bespoke piece just for you. It will be a thoughtful gift for you and experience for them.

Frame Something

You could look in the local area for a family and newborn photographer, pet photographer or even take your own camera out into the wild if you like that sort of thing. You’ll be able to take a photo of the whole family, a local place or a stunning scene which you know your loved one will hang on their wall with pride. It is unique, totally personal and shows that you care.


Look For Some Fun

If photographic scenes or paintings aren’t their thing, you can find other ways to spruce up your family member’s wall space. Instead of looking for serious prices you can find things such as movie posters, funny quotes to motivate them through the day, or even some vegetable pun artwork for the kitchen.

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