Why Self-Defense Is A Must

Why Self-Defense Is A Must

Self defense is a part of life which not enough of us undertake in our time. We often believe that the only way to learn self defense is to undergo years of training in martial arts or kickboxing, but this actually isn’t the case at all.


You can learn self defense in a number of different ways. It can involve learning how to use a rape alarm, pepper spray, a taser and even a stun gun. It is incredibly important that we know how to keep ourselves safe while out and about, especially with the recent climb in crime across the country. We need to be strong, know how stay alert at all times and learn how to stun our enemies before they have the chance to hurt us.


If you wanted to challenge yourself, you could always undertake martial arts classes such as Kung Fu, Karate and Taekwondo. It will take a lot of dedication and skill, however it can double up as a way to keep fit too- so you can skip the gym and learn how to keep yourself safe instead.


You may think that as a man or an older adult you don’t need to learn self defense, but the truth is someone could take you by surprise at any time and it’s not always about who is the strongest out of the 2 of you. Everyone should learn these skills and be able to use them in real life.

Self defense will keep you safe at all times. Think about the amount of times you have heard stories of muggings, murders and even sexual assaults in your local area. That could be you one day, and unless you can learn how to keep the enemies away from you: you could end up in a much worse of situation. There are a lot of people in the world who will stop at nothing to get what they want, and they won’t care if they hurt you along the way. This can be dangerous for anyone who decides to venture out alone or in a small group- and you may need to defend someone else as well as yourself while you are out in the world.

One of the surprising benefits of taking the time out of your day to learn self defense techniques is that fact that you will gain confidence in yourself and boost your self esteem. The fact that you are physically able to stop someone from hurting you or your family can bring with it a huge sense of pride and allow you to feel much more confident as a person.  

Of course the added benefit of learning self defense is the fact that you will be much stronger as a person by the end of it. Both mentally and physically you will be healthier as a person and you will be able to tackle anything. Your body will work at full capacity and your muscles will be stable and strong- which is another thing that can help your self esteem.  

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