Take Business Ideas from These 4 Waste Removal Startups

Take Business Ideas from These 4 Waste Removal Startups

It was reported that China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines dump as high as 60 percent of the world’s waste in the oceans. The remaining 40 percent is contributed by the rest of the world.

In these five Asian countries, only 40 percent of the garbage is collected and treated. To cope with this situation, entrepreneurs have come forward in all parts of the world to deal effectively with garbage.

Following 4 waste removal and treatment startups are helping to get rid of the waste effectively in specific geographic locations. As an entrepreneur, you need to take business ideas from these startups and target the five countries to help get rid of the ocean wastes.

1. Pom Pom

An India-based startup that is doing an exceptional job of keeping India clean by recycling waste. The founder, Deepak Sethi, started the Pom Pom with an aim to recycle waste products so as to save energy and keep his country clean.

Probably the best thing about Pom Pom is that it pays its customers for giving their waste. This encourages people to sell their waste to the company.

The company, in return, recycles the products.

How about starting a similar or even a better business in your country?

Take Business Ideas from These 4 Waste Removal Startups

2. Clearabee

A UK-based rubbish removal company that collects waste from your home or office on the same day and treats it.

Clearabee was founded in September 2012 with an aim to keep Britain clean. Today, the company serves the entire Britain with its massive fleet of vans. They collect waste and get rid of it ethically.

Clearabee is an ISO 9001 certified company.

A similar startup is the need of time in these five countries.


The Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre is a startup headquartered in the Hong Kong that collects waste food and turns it into animal feed. This happens to be a nice idea for entrepreneurs. Why not start a similar startup in your country?

Hong Kong produces as much as 3K tons of food waste a day and the HKOWRC collects as much as 8 tons a day.

One of the great things about HKOWRC is that it is planning to expand its business to China, which will help reduce the ocean waste to a significant extent.

Take Business Ideas from These 4 Waste Removal Startups

4. WaHome

A Korean app that connects cleaners to the customers. WaHome only operates in the Seoul. The app became famous rapidly and reached over 1K transactions a week in no time.

The startup successfully generated $1 million in funding.

Though the idea is not new, the app worked in the Seoul. This shows it can be replicated in other countries and cities.


If you are living in one of the five countries listed above, you must come up with a waste removal and recycling business. It will not just help you earn money but it will help your country, the country fellows, oceans, marine life, and the entire world.

It is not a bad idea, right?

If you have to start a business, think of a business that is related to waste disposal. Take inspiration from these startups. If they can do it in their countries, why can’t you?

It is time to invest money in the right sectors.

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