Give Your Product More Shelf Confidence

Give Your Product More Shelf Confidence

It takes a lot to make a product stand out from the crowd. We know that isn’t what you want to hear and that this piece of information is probably a real b**ch to swallow, but swallow it you must. People are creatures of habit and so when they walk into a mega-mart or their normal grocery store, they do so with every intention of buying what they bought the week before and the week before that. That is why you need to make sure your product does everything to grab the attention of aisle-walkers and window shoppers.


You need to make them stop, stare, reevaluate their life and then take a gamble on you. That’s pretty much the aim of the game here. That’s how you can be better than the rest. Simple.


The good news is people like to choose new purchases based on the packaging – just look at how frickin’ successful Apple has been. Yes, their product is the best, but it only got that recognition because they put a whole bunch of time and effort into their packaging. Period.


Read on to see our top tips on how you can make your products so hard to ignore, they will fly off the shelves before you can call your suppliers and get them to restock.


Give Your Product More Shelf Confidence

  1. Simple Is Better

It can be all too tempting to push the boat out there and create packaging that is abstract and, dare we say, weird, but this could work against you. Sure, it will work in your favor if you have a perfume or a bottle of booze, but that’s about it. Instead, don’t overcrowd your packaging with graphics and colors and designs. Keep it simple and make sure it is easy to read at a moment’s glance.


  1. Attract Through Familiarity

No matter what market you are trying to hit – whether it is drinks, creams, lotions, cereals, or whatever – there is a type of packaging. Don’t stray too far away from this. Instead, let people associate your product packaging with the market you are in. Let them peruse the aisles and inherently know that you are part of this niche. Once they realise this, your chances of getting picked up and studied massively increases.


Give Your Product More Shelf Confidence

  1. Get Creative With Your Copy

This is your chance to sell your story, it is your chance to let your branding do the alluring, it is your chance to make people smile, laugh, raise their eyebrows, empathise or think, “hmm, this is a pretty good cause.” Basically, you should spare no expense on hiring a creative copywriter with branding experience. To help you understand exactly just how amazing brand packaging can be, check out Oatly and Critically Endangered Socks. These two companies have got their branding down to a seductive T.


  1. The Psychology of Colors

Yeah, there is some sciencey stuff you need to know about, such as the way different colors make people feel. The reason you need to know this is because blue will evoke a different emotional reaction to blue and that will make your customers perceive you differently. So, you know, just think carefully before you give the thumbs up to a design. That’s all.

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