How To Make Your Home Smell Fabulous

If there is a musky smell coming from somewhere in your home but you don’t quite know where, or if you just want your home to smell nice for when family come over then there are a couple of things that you can do about this. Your home will smell fabulous in no time at all!

Open the Windows

Old air tends to have a musty smell. If you open your windows, this will introduce fresh, new air from the outside and it will circulate the room as well. By doing this, you can also eliminate any built-up odour that might have occurred over time and this includes burnt smells from the oven and even old food from the bin as well. If it’s too cold to open the windows, have them on vent.

Find the Source

Finding the source is always the best way to tackle a bad smell. Take out the bin, empty the cat’s litter tray and look to see if there are any old socks tucked down the back of the sofa. Also, do your best to dry off any wet washing and do the washing up as well. It helps to clear out any clutter because this could be trapping dust and dirt. All of the above can contribute to a smelly home, and even though you might not think that these items are giving off an odour directly, when they are all put together, they certainly can.


How To Make Your Home Smell Fabulous

Diffusers, Candles and Incense

Consider buying a scented candle or even a Got Oil Supplies diffuser. This will help to cover up any smells that are present and you can choose from a huge range of scents as well. If you want your home to smell great then consider flower-style scents or even fresh scents such as cotton and even cut-grass. You may think that vanilla or something similar would smell better, but in reality, it can give off a hot and sweet smell that doesn’t really feel natural. Potpourri is also another brilliant option for you here, so experiment and find something that works!

How To Make Your Home Smell Fabulous

Carpet Freshener

Carpet freshener usually comes in the form of a spray. You also have fabric freshener as well. These are designed to be sprayed onto the sofa and even onto your floor, and it works by getting deep into the fabric. If you think about it, all of the mud that gets trailed throughout your home will eventually become stale and even though you can’t see it, the particles are still there. Vacuuming can help here, but a carpet freshener and a fabric spray can work wonders.

Fresh Coffee

If you have a coffee machine with a grinder, great. Fill the compartment up with fresh beans. This will unleash an incredible smell in the kitchen and you don’t even have to make the coffee in order to get this wonderful smell. Turn the beans over now and again to release those nice-smelling oils. The smell will be around for days and if you want to really get the best result out of this then use dark-roast as the smell is much stronger when compared to other types of roast.


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