Moving during the Winter? 5 Tips to Make the Transition Easier

Moving in the winter may sound like the last thing you want to do, but sometimes there is no way around it. However, it doesn’t have to be as miserable as it sounds. With a little help from these five tips, your home transition will be much easier and warmer.

Moving during the Winter? 5 Tips to Make the Transition Easier

Check Your Utilities

The worst thing that you can do when moving in the winter is to move into a house with broken utilities. Before you move, check the utilities to see how well they work. Better yet, hire an inspector to find any issues with the utilities.

Get Started Early

Stay on the safe side during winter and start early to avoid dangerous slips in the dark. Packing and moving in the daytime will help keep you and your helpers warm. If you are using a professional service like Redondo Van & Storage that move long distance, check with them to see when they will arrive. Consider leaving your items in storage and finish unpacking the next day if it gets dark.

Winter Packing

In winter, fragile items should be double packed as they become brittle and even more fragile in cold weather. Electronics should be packed in boxes and moved by car to keep them warm. Old towels and blankets should be kept handy to cover furniture in case it starts snowing or sleeting.

Cover Your Floors

Covering your floors with tarp, old rugs, or carpet fragments will keep them protected from slush and mud tracked in while you move. This will also allow for more traction and prevent slippery accidents.

Turn the Heat off (But Heat Your Bathroom)

While this may sound counterintuitive, any heat will be lost out of the open doors while you’re moving. Keep your heat off to save on heating. Instead, use a space heater to heat your bathroom. This gives you a small space for people to warm up and a place for a little respite from the cold as they relieve themselves.

However you make your winter move, be cautious. Begin checking the weather a few weeks in advance and then every day the week of the move. If you feel any concerns about moving, call your moving company and delay the move. It is better to delay than get caught in a blizzard. By following these tips, your move will go safely and smoothly and you’ll be warmed up in your new place in no time.

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