Perk Up Your Place (In A Single Weekend)

Busy is a good way to describe most of us most of the time. Something that means time is a very precious commodity both in the week and on the weekends. That can cause a problem, however,  when it comes to decorating the home because most renovations and decor changes take a lot of effort and are time-consuming. With that conundrum in mind, I have had a little think and come up with some effective but relatively quick ways of perking up the place. They can even be done and dusted within a single weekend. Read on to discover more.


Change bedding set

Changing the duvet cover and pillow on your bed is something that is super easy and quick. In fact, it probably will take you longer to decide on the colour and pattern you want, than it is to get the new stuff actually on to the bed.

Perk Up Your Place (In A Single Weekend)

At the moment geometric line patterns are very in, as are anything with a marble theme. Something you can team with a rose gold or bronze accessories for a cute luxe, minimal look.


Replace a door

Replacing the door in a room is also something that is pretty easy to do and can be completed within in single weekend. It can make a huge difference to the ambiance of the room as well. Just imagine a really vintage room decor, broken up by a nasty plastic door and how much better a rustic style oak one would look instead?

Perk Up Your Place (In A Single Weekend)

Of course, it’s probably a good idea to pick the new door and order before the weekend that you actually want to hang it. For your purchase, you should ensure that you source the leading oak doors provider and go with them. Then you know you will have the best quality possible, and it will be ready and waiting so you will have plenty of time to get it fitted.


Put up shelves

Decorate shelves with your favourite knick-knacks.

Perk Up Your Place (In A Single Weekend)


Another great suggestion if you want to completely change the look of a room in a short space of time is to put up some shelves, and then decorate these with choice accessories and mementos.


Floating shelves are a popular option, and picture shelves are also really on trend right now. The latter are thin shelving units that have a small groove cut out of them where you can rest the base of a picture frame. They are worth considering because they make it really easy to change the look of your room very quickly time and time again. This reason for this being that all you need to do is to change out the images in the frames.


Design your own art

Of course, it may be that you can’t find any picture or artwork to go in the frames but fear not as then you get to create your own! You won’t need to take a uni course in fine art either.

Perk Up Your Place (In A Single Weekend)

Instead, have a go at activities like creating your own piece of abstract art, or creating a silhouette picture. Art projects like these can easily be completed and hung in one afternoon, and can really transform the space that you are working with.

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