Should You Delay Your Period for the Festive Season?

For many women, there is a lot they want to do this holiday season. They have parties to prepare for, events to attend and a lot of high life to partake in. Their periods can get in the way of that, keeping them from wearing the clothes they want to or causing painful cramps. Periods are simply uncomfortable and inconvenient for a lot of women, and it makes sense that many women would try to find ways to postpone their period during those times of year when they want to be more active, do more things or just have a little break from what their body tends to do them.

Should You Delay Your Period for the Festive Season?

Christmas season, in particular, tends to be hectic for everyone. Some women just don’t have time to slow down and deal with a severe period. They may need a little reprieve just to be able to enjoy the holidays properly and not have quite so much to worry about. After all, many of us will be entertaining guests, preparing meal plans and doing lots of shopping, and having a period can slow that down or just put a crimp the works that make them fall behind schedule. Whatever the reason, delaying their period is something that a lot of women do, especially during this season.

One of the most popular ways that this is done is through the use of the drug norethisterone. This prescription-only pill can be used as a period delay medication, and you can use it to postpone your period for as long as 17 days. So, you can start taking it for up to three days before your period is due and then continue to take it for the next 17 days, which means you’ll be taking it 20 days in all.

Once you stop taking this drug, your period should resume a few days later. The benefit to that is your ability to decide how long you want to delay your period since you can stop anywhere in those 17 days and just go back to getting your period. Your body should adjust to the effects of the drug pretty quickly and your period should return to normal fairly soon. This isn’t something that typically has long-term effects on the body, so you don’t have to worry about that.

There are a lot of positives to taking a drug like norethisterone. It puts you in control and lets you decide when your period should come, and that’s not something every woman has had the ability to experience before. This is a safer and more reliable method than anything else out there, and for many women, it will be life-changing, particularly for those who have severe periods that hinder their ability to do what they want.

There are potential downsides to this drug as well, and you need to be aware of those just as you learned about the benefits. This is not a drug you ought to be taking on a regular basis, for example. It affects the way your hormones work, and over the long term, if used improperly, it can cause damage. It is also not a contraceptive, so you can’t use it to prevent pregnancy. There are pills for that as well, but this pill is specifically designed to prevent your period from coming when it is supposed to.

You also have to make sure that you take the pill at the right times. If you miss a dose, it may not be effective, and your period could come back. So long as you follow the directions and use the pill correctly, you should not have any problems though, and you can enjoy a holiday season that’s relatively period free.

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