Surviving Christmas: It’s Not Just A Movie!

 Surviving Christmas: It's Not Just A Movie!

Surviving Christmas’ is a wonderful festive favourite starring Ben Affleck and Christina Applegate. If you haven’t seen it and you’re feeling a little blue, you should definitely seek it out. But surviving Christmas is also a phrase that is on a lot of people’s minds at this time of year. Particularly, we’re thinking about the cost of the festive season. How do you handle the massive expenses that Christmas tends to bring? It’s difficult for parents because little ones don’t understand you might not be able to afford everything this year. After all, Santa doesn’t buy toys in the store. So, how do you manage?


Santa Can’t Because…

 Surviving Christmas: It's Not Just A Movie!

There’s a few examples of this and ways to explain to little ones who still believe in the magic why a certain present won’t be under the tree this year. Do they want a puppy? We all know how expensive dogs can be and the best way to explain this is that Santa does deliver dogs because, well, they’re animals. They can’t be made in workshops. These days, of course, there are lots of clever alternatives such as Hasbro’s baby tiger that roars, purrs and responds to actions. It’s just like having a real pet.


If it’s a large item tell them it wouldn’t fit in the sleigh and Rudolph would get tired trying to carry it all the way from the North Pole. And of course, the classic: the elf that makes that toy is sick. Be prepared for your child to possibly create a wonderfully touching ‘get well soon’ card.


Use The Sales Luke

 Surviving Christmas: It's Not Just A Movie!

Sales around this type of year are quite like the force. A mystical entity that seems to come from nowhere and provides people with more power than they usually have. Suddenly, you can afford to buy the item at the top of the Christmas list of your child. When using the sales do remember that lots of items tend to drop in price after Christmas. So, if Santa can be delayed due to winter weather, consider this a possibility. It is rather depressing how quickly the prices drop after the 25th, and yes, that includes the must-have Christmas toys.


Borrow Now, Pay Later

 Surviving Christmas: It's Not Just A Movie!

Usually, money is only an issue because Christmas is so darn expensive. After the festive season passes by your budget will be back to normal. So why not borrow now, spend through Christmas and pay it back in 2018? Click here, and you’ll find out you can get loans even if you have bad credit that will provide you with the extra cash you need to get through Christmas.


Save In Other Areas

 Surviving Christmas: It's Not Just A Movie!

Or finally, perhaps you just need to work on saving money in other areas through the Christmas season. That way, you’ll have more to spend on presents, and a great example of this would be those energy bills. If you make the right changes to your home now, you’ll find you spend less energy through Christmas, and the bills will soon drop. Our first tip would be making sure you get thicker curtains.


We hope this helps you survive the financial issues of Christmas this year and lets you stay jolly and merry.


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