Empowering Millennials To Work In Finance

In the twenty-first century, you’d be forgiven for thinking that every person under the age of thirty wanted to be famous. With the emergence of reality TV shows like ‘The Voice’ and more people than you can shake a stick at claiming to be making a living from vlogging, the more traditional ways of earning a crust seem to be low down on the list of potential careers for young people. However, it’s only the select few that ever make it in the world of media and the arts. You may be able to achieve your fifteen minutes of fame by appearing on TV but the chances are it’s not sustainable, and you need a more solid career as a backup. Enter, the world of finance. Read on to find out why number crunching and working with figures should be marketed as a ridiculously good career choice for millennials.


Empowering Millennials To Work In Finance

An Exciting Career

Yes, you read that right. Working with numbers, having your calculator beside you for eight hours a day and performing complex arithmetic can be thrilling. While you may think of working in finance as being stuck behind a desk all day, staring at a computer screen and talking to beige-trousered bespectacled colleagues about tax or profits or legislation, you’d be wrong. The youth of today could find themselves striving for a career as a ludicrously paid hedge fund manager or spend their days on the trading floor. Working on the stock exchange would see them up on their feet all day, trying to predict the markets and turn pennies into pounds all day every day.


Empowering Millennials To Work In Finance


While you may read those three letters and think about a well-known American TV show, within the world of finance, a crime scene investigation team also exists. As a forensic accountant, you may not be whipping on the white overalls and dusting for fingerprints, but you will be entering into institutions to uncover financial cover-ups, locate the proceeds from crime and help bring fraudsters and tax dodgers to justice. A career using maths can involve testifying in court, being called as an expert witness and playing an integral role in the criminal justice system.


Empowering Millennials To Work In Finance

International Opportunities

If you want to spend some time overseas at some point in your working life, a career in finance could be your ticket to immerse yourself in a new culture, learn a different language and expand your horizons. By taking a qualification such as an online MSc accounting degree that has an element of international studies, you will be looking at financial systems and regulations from all over the world. By gaining this foundation early on, you could find yourself working as a tax specialist in Europe, an accountant in Scandinavia or an asset manager in the USA. A finance degree will see you become hugely employable, give you opportunities to travel and allow you to embark on a career that is always in demand.


Finance doesn’t have to be dull and boring. By showing the millennials of today the sorts of careers open to them if they utilize their mathematical and problem-solving skills within the world of work, they could become the next generation of financial gurus.

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