Bodybuilding: Bulking Mistakes That You Should Take Care to Avoid

While winter means different things to different people; for those who are building their bodies with passion, winter is the time to add bulk to their bodies. However, many people tend to make simple mistakes when bulking that puts paid to their bodybuilding ambitions. Some common examples:

Bodybuilding: Bulking Mistakes That You Should Take Care to Avoid

Not Eating Enough

After spending months sweating it out in the gym to shed excess weight and mold lean muscle mass, it can be very difficult to move back to a regime of trying to consciously gain weight, especially for women who really want to look good at all times. Consequently, bodybuilders continue with their normal cutting diets and end up losing muscle mass instead of laying the foundation with bulk for the next season. It is actually impossible to make the desired improvements without the energy that is delivered by a surplus of healthy food. It is quite likely that you may add some fat as well but that be easily worked off in the summer.

Not Eating Healthy

Many people take the mission of adding bulk to be a license to eat anything they like, including junk food; the reason being that if it is the extra calories that they are seeking, it doesn’t really matter where they come from. Sure, after being on a strict diet, you can surely enjoy a meal at your favorite fast food joint but don’t make it a habit. Eat healthy foods like lean meats, healthy fats, complex carbs, and vegetables so that the majority of the weight you put on is in the form of muscle and not fat. For an extra impetus, you can search out the best steroids for bulking from the web.

Not Doing Cardio

Since adding bulk is the principal task in the winter, there are a lot of people who simply refuse to do cardio exercises in the off-season under the impression that by doing so they are going to undermine their weight gain efforts. However, just half an hour of cardio every alternate day can work wonders for adding bulk as you will develop a healthy appetite and it will be easier for you to eat and digest healthy food. The cardio workout will also help you to boost the performance of your cardiovascular system that will allow you to attain your sought after rep range when lifting weights. While regular cardio sessions will keep your metabolism and your appetite enhanced, don’t overdo it because you really want to add that extra weight this time of the year.


Many people simply fail to appreciate that it is very important for them to get adequate rest so that the process of adding muscle mass gets a boost. Ideally, when you are bulking, you should not train too hard, and even if you are working out regularly, then you need to make sure that you give your muscles adequate rest to aid repair and recovery. In your chase to add weight, don’t make the mistake of eating wrong and end up adding too much fat instead of muscle.

Author Bio: Joanna Wilson is a fitness enthusiast who has been blogging on health and fitness issues for a number of years. She is of the opinion that in addition to a healthy diet, bodybuilders should also use the best steroids for bulking that they can find from online stores.

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